Cory Allen | AMP #11

Cory Allen | AMP #11

In this our third installment with one of our most requested guests, karmic wizard Cory Allen, in addition to humorous trifles we hone in on how to make sure your higher self is running the show unobstructed by the puerile and placative mind.


  • Aubrey. I can’t thank you enough for this podcast (this one in particular, but frankly, my thanks is for all of them). I really enjoy listening to you talk about self-actualization stuff, as its helping me move through that journey myself. From when you guys dive into the Hawaiian technique (I love you, I’m sorry, I forgive you, thank you) to the end of the podcast, is some of the best life-truths I’ve ever heard. When you talked about being able to say those 4 statements to yourself and to love others how you love yourself…brought tears to my eyes. Because that is true love, and we really are deserving of that. :-) I shared this podcast with several friends…thank you for having it here to share.

    Kate Galliett
  • Awesome podcast, one of the best I thought. A lot of great, inspiring messages here. I’ve heard of and practiced that Hawaiian technique. It can be very effective when said and felt with intention as it is dealing with the healing properties of love, forgiveness, and gratitude. Powerful!

    Also, I really connected with Cory sharing his experience with breathing through the heart. There is a device called an emWave biofeedback monitor that measures your heartrate variability. I use it almost everyday, especially when I start to get a little off kilter, to regain balance and recenter myself (which is very important for my job). The technique they teach: breath through your heart! As well as foster a sense of gratitude. Amazing device…Would be a great addition to the Onnit lineup! :)

    Sean Quinn
  • Great podcast. I listened to this while I was stuck in a traffic jam in central Japan. The traffic jam was caused by a tunnel collapse, that I just missed out on being in because my wife was too slow in getting ready.

    I really liked that Hawaiian healing technique that you shared. As someone who has been making progress towards letting go of a lot of the negative shit that I tend to hold onto, I found that very useful.

  • Very inspiring podcast. Great reminders in here to follow a more direct path.


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