Consciousness Meets Criminal Justice with Michael Wood Jr. | AMP #135

Consciousness Meets Criminal Justice with Michael Wood Jr. | AMP #135

Baltimore PD whistleblower and author of “Crimes and Punishment: In the 21st Century”, Michael Wood Jr. joins the show to share lessons from his experiences as an officer and examine America’s law enforcement system layer by layer. We explore the extent of free will, the mechanisms that drive violence, the grander scope of oppression, and the vision for a very different future.


  • Shawn,

    Crime (assault charge) is a measurement of police activity, not citizen activity.

    Next, my claim is on percentages, not total. How many car stops are conducted? In Baltimore alone, at least a thousand a day, traffic police would be way more. So there are billions of car stops, and millions more undocumented. Because, again, car stops are a measure of police activity, not citizen activity.

    So the odds are almost non existent.

    Feel free to reach out and we can record your objections.


  • Aubrey thanks for the podcast. I enjoy listening as well as researching Mr. Woods data. Some of his data doesn’t cut it. The LEOKA data from FBI show 8.9 homicides on average and over 5,8000 assaults TO Cops by a the driver that the cops had conducted a traffic stop. Traffic stops are #2 most dangerous times next to domestic dispute calls of service. The data Mr. Wood is reporting is what President Trump calls FAKE NEWS. This is one link of many that can lead you to find the data.
    Thank you

    Dr. Shawn Morrow

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