Consciousness is Optimization with Jonathan Toews | AMP #77

Consciousness is Optimization with Jonathan Toews | AMP #77

3x Stanley Cup Champion, 2x Gold Medalist, Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews drops in for his virgin podcast to discuss his favorite topic: Expanding human consciousness. An interesting insight into the mind of a leader playing at the highest level of the game, but still humbly on the quest for optimization.

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  • This is GREAT!!! Thank you very Aubrey for diving right in and showing Jonathan and his vulnerability. My first podcast as well and worth 46:57 minutes of my time.
    This is my favorite way to look at EGO out of control Edging God Out.
    I am guilty I perceived Jonathan as that athlete.
    Each Day is a GIFT to BE Shared…… Thanks for sharing…

    Joan DeBlasio

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