Christianity: The Beauty and Confusion w/ Bob Peck | AMP 421

By Aubrey Marcus July 12, 2023

Christianity: The Beauty and Confusion w/ Bob Peck | AMP 421

How did the concept of ‘original sin’ get into the bible if Jesus never taught it?

Where else did the Bible get it right, and where has it been misinterpreted or manipulated?


In this podcast, I’m joined by Bob Peck who is an author and scholar of not only Christianity, but many spiritual traditions. In this episode, we dive into the manipulative concept of ‘original sin’, the beautiful and true teachings of Yeshua, and how to integrate the wisdom of Jesus for an updated model of spirituality free of the conditioning of ‘Empire’. In Bob’s book “Original Sin Is A Lie” he tells the story of Jesus as a deeply profound teacher of Love and Unity. The concept of original sin that has dominated the last few millennia is a doctrine invented by Augustine of Hippo over three hundred years later.

Bob Peck is a festival award-winning filmmaker, author, lawnmower, meditator, and a spiritual student of Christ, Krishna, the Buddha, and Paramahansa Yogananda. With bachelor’s degrees in Religious Studies & Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas, he has made ‘conscious films’—spiritual & advocacy documentaries—since graduating in 2011. He’s also a Kriya Yoga practitioner through KYI and a certified mindfulness & meditation teacher. He’s also one of the pod leaders pushing forward these concepts of mindfulness at Meta. He’s also a co-founder of The Awareness & Compassion Project, an effort to help teach kids meditation.