Choosing Dangerous Freedom with Tim Kennedy | AMP #261

Choosing Dangerous Freedom with Tim Kennedy | AMP #261

Tim Kennedy is a retired army ranger, UFC fighter, and all-around B.M.F. In this podcast, Tim shares his life’s purpose, the impact of fear on our society, and the inherent dangers that come with freedom. Tim challenges all of us to step up and fight courageously for our freedoms and against evil. We recorded this podcast in the context of COVID-19, stay tuned this week for podcasts that cover the more current events. 

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  • I am really disappointed in this conversation. I listen to most of your podcasts. There are a few here and there that I don’t connect with, but most I enjoy and some inspire me to the level of listening multiple times and recommending to friends,

    You discussed micro chipping as if it is on the table. Please name even a single elected official that has proposed that we do this. Then after pushing a conspiracy theory, you promoted the narrative that wearing a mask is fear based or “virtue signaling.”

    Widespread wearing of masks slows the spread of the virus, period. I feel it is my responsibility as a member of society to wear one. Tim Kennedy, although he feels very strongly about returning his shopping cart, does not share my opinion. I am not wearing a mask out of fear any more than I return my shopping cart out of fear.

    A thoughtful discussion of what steps are and are not reasonable to slow the spread would be a positive contribution, but this was not that.

    Erin Kennedy

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