Cheyanne Weldon | AMP #35

Cheyanne Weldon | AMP #35

Wanna know when you can legally smoke some reefer in your state? Cheyanne Weldon, the director of the Austin chapter of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws stops by to talk all things weed. And just to ruffle more feathers, we even squeeze in a little controversial discussion about the superfluity of cemeteries!

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  • Great topic. Experiencing the change in Seattle first hand. Our store system is a joke, but one call to someone on craigslist can fix it. 1 out of 3 success rate for quality product. If at first you don’t succeed…

    It’s nice not having to look over your shoulder on your own property. I consider it a performance enhancing supplement in terms of completing creative hands on projects. Office work is best done without.

    Socially on the more family oriented east side of the city you don’t see it and it isn’t mentioned. It’s like no change good or bad has happened. Rumors of brownie eating zombie hordes greatly overstated.

    I still don’t talk to kids (8) about it because of school enrollment, but I do tell them about other spirit plants and my journeys and their ability to heal and enrich, so there will be a stable base for future conversations.

    Ben Peterson

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