Beyond The Virus Of Fear And Guilt w/ Dr. Zach Bush MD | AMP #344

Beyond The Virus Of Fear And Guilt w/ Dr. Zach Bush MD | AMP #344

Have we been asking the wrong questions throughout the pandemic? Have we been demonizing one virus, while encouraging another to spread? Dr. Zach Bush MD is one of the most revolutionary holistic medical doctors in the world, with expertise in the human organism, natural systems, and the spiritual cosmos. We talk about overcoming the fear and guilt paradigm that has dominated the human psyche for eons, the true evolutionary functions of viruses, and the dawn of a new era of human thriving never before seen on this planet. 


  • Thank you Aubrey for having Zach on your podcast. I am blown away by the amount of deep and mind blowing information. Would it be possible to have a transcript of this podcast ? Every sentence is a gem. Radiating and Illuminating. Filling me with joy and excitement. Again thank you guys.

    Hung-Yeh Peisinger
  • Hi Aubrey. I have just finished listening to your podcast with Zach Bush: Beyond the virus of fear and guilt. This has been the most powerful message I have heard, possibly in my lifetime which spans 6 plus decades. In the final minutes I unexpectedly found myself sobbing as Zach started to speak so inspirationally about beauty. At the very least, this podcast touched me deeply. Thank you for this profound experience on my journey.
    I live in rural Australia, still trying to find my tribe, but today I felt so connected. My heartfelt thanks for this beautiful gift.


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