AYAHUASCA SPECIAL: Live from Peru | AMP #5

AYAHUASCA SPECIAL: Live from Peru | AMP #5

In this special podcast live from Peru, I discuss my experience in the jungle as it happens with long time friend and fellow journeyman, Olympic Gold Medal skier Bode Miller. Follow @MillerBode on twitter- I will definitely have him on a regular edition of the podcast sometime soon. Special thanks to my homie Cory Allen, @quietdesign for helping with the Audio, making the jungle come to life and the rough parts more audible!


  • wow, sounds like you have had a lot of challenges in the past couple of months. keep your head up and keep on being a bad ass man, your words and advice have helped out a lot of people!

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  • Aubrey you’re an American hero for exploring the unknown and inspiration for the rest of us to join you in your explorations.

  • where did you guys do it this time? 

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences with the medicine.  I am contemplating taking an ayahuasca journey largely based on your description from the JRE.  Since listening to that podcast I’ve been reading and watching videos of others and their journeys.  What I’ve found is that no body has described their experience in such a detailed manner, nor has anyone seemed to extract as much meaning as you have.  I know you can’t speak for others so I will just ask, why do you think your journey was so vivid, full of meaning trans-formative?  I have many “issues” in my life that I feel are holding me back from realizing my potential and really want to exercise them from my being.  I’ve been sober for 26 years, I’ve been in therapy for most of those years and still feel like my ideal life is unattainable.  I’m hoping the medicine can help me break through that blockage.    


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