Aubrey Marcus and CK Chin | AMP #1

Aubrey Marcus and CK Chin | AMP #1

In the first installment of the Warrior Poet Project Podcast, Aubrey Marcus talks with CK Chin, a long time friend and hard working owner of Swift's Attic in Austin, TX. The two follow a meandering pathway ultimately puzzling out the first and most important step toward dramatically improving our society.

Please bear with us as we gain mastery of the technical aspects of podcasting. We will be working to improve sound quality for #2 and hopefully be broadcasting live. In the meantime, let me know what you think! Thanks for your patience and support!


  • Interesting stuff AM. Definitely sounds like CK is on speaker. Keep up the good work and keep the cool shit comin. Peace.

  • Can’t wait to download this and give it a try.

    Are you planning on getting it on iTunes ?

  • I have recently had my outlook on life change. Since this has happend i have stumbled about you and your work. It is very refreshing to me to be able to follow you (important, due to no one in my circle of life following these same views). Keep up the good work.

    Will Warburton
  • To his ideal referencing reproduction and the movie Idiocracy.

  • Right on brother, I feel like the very core of everything in Warrior Poet is a call to action. What else could there be? We’ll zero in more on the topic and start to come up with better action plans as the podcast develops. Thanks for tuning in!


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