Choice is Our Superpower from Awakening Spirits | AMP Books #8

Choice is Our Superpower from Awakening Spirits | AMP Books #8

Awakening Spirits by Native American trained Tom Brown is a short yet powerful book. The passage I selected addresses the duality of the physical and spiritual mind and the bridge that connects the two of them: choice. On another note I adapted his Sacred Silence technique to create my guided meditation which I have available on my website here.

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  • Thank you dearly for these, Hermano, they are truly beautiful. Ive found that the slowing down is crucially important on the spiritual journey, and I dearly love how the power of the good word, the art in wise expression, the magic, the divine truths that are expressed in books have the power to pull you into that vibration.
    The act of being grateful has been tremendously powerful on my own journey, because the practice of truly feeling grateful cannot be achieved without ultimately arising and merging with its frequency, and gratitude seems to not only be extremely powerful in its aid on the spiritual path, but also quite easy to tap into because of the undeniably miraculous & awe inspiring nature of reality!
    Deepest love, dear brother🙏🏼❤️


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