Activating Spiritual Technologies In Egyptian Temples w/ Mehcad Brooks | AMP 414

Activating Spiritual Technologies In Egyptian Temples w/ Mehcad Brooks | AMP 414

I didn’t want to go to Egypt.

In fact, I was dead set against it.

And then while doing ayahuasca with Matias De Stefano, he downloaded a prophecy.

A brother of African descent and a brother of Hebrew descent needed to travel the initiatic path up the nile together. Well it just so happened that Mehcad (actor & musician) is of African descent and already had a boat trip booked on the Nile. And I am his brother of Hebrew descent. So I had to go... 

And we were nowhere near ready for what happened.

What unfolded for both Mehcad and I  was absolutely astounding. Thanks to the help of Matias we were able to discover and unlock latent spiritual technology within ourselves and within the temples and pyramids of Egypt that shifted the paradigm of what we believe to be possible in this existence. This is a wild and vulnerable trip report, and we offer it with the utmost gratitude to anyone who chooses to go on the journey with us.

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  • I was enthralled with your blog. I’ve always sensed life is changing, that something new is evolving. I had a very short visit to Cairo but not the magical experience you had. I hope you continue with the brilliant podcast. I think there are other folks who sense a change is coming and would benefit by kindred spirits.

    BTW, I believe there was a terrible terrorist attack at Karnak in the late 1990’s that that may affect the site’s spiritual energy. A bus full of tourists were herded into the temple; terrorists opened fire and dozens of people were killed. Regards, Anne

    Anne Campbell

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