A Lion Tracker’s Guide To Life with Boyd Varty | AMP #253

A Lion Tracker’s Guide To Life with Boyd Varty | AMP #253

Boyd Varty is a lion tracker by trade, for a no-hunt safari operation in South Africa. Through his work out there in the bush, tracking the most dangerous animals, as well as his work as a shaman, he has an immense amount of wisdom to share to put you on the track of your life. He’s come face-to-face with lions, been partially eaten by a crocodile, and assisted in healing countless people in medicinal ceremony. Boyd is an undiscovered force for good in this world and he has some great stories and a beautiful message that can help people track their life path. Get a copy of Boyd’s latest book, A Lion Tracker’s Guide To Life here and listen to his recently launched podcast 40 days and 40 nights as he gives a daily update on his journey alone in the wilderness of South Africa.

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