Ayahuasca Gave Me a Plan, with Jason Havey | AMP #75

Ayahuasca Gave Me a Plan, with Jason Havey | AMP #75

My right hand dude, Onnit COO Jason Havey, jumps on the podcast to chat about how Ayahuasca led him from managing a Hilton hotel to handling operations at Onnit. A kindred and complementary spirit, Jason discusses how happiness is a choice and the importance of mission in your life. 

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  • Any recommendations on where to begin with plant based medicines would be greatly appreciated.

    I have so much respect for what you guys are doing at Onnit. I live in Austin and have had the opportunity to make it to the Academy a couple of times and what an amazing atmosphere and company you have created.

    Got to meet you my 2nd time there and had a brief chat about muscle ups. With any luck, hope to have many more conversations or at least continue get more powerful insights through your continuing podcasts and other content.

    Much Love and Respect,


    Levi Cardinal

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