Finding Harmony and The Path of Fulfillment with Cory Allen | AMP #7

Finding Harmony and The Path of Fulfillment with Cory Allen | AMP #7

In this podcast, I bring back one of my favorite guests Cory Allen @_coryallen to once again meander the catacombs of enlightenment. We puzzle out our purpose in life and outline some strategies from our own experiences to find harmony with the universe and set oneself on a path of fulfillment.


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  • You’re a clever cookie – I officially have you on my bookmarks toolbar –
    yes; exciting. Also, I’m so thankful I’m able to have access to such an
    inspiring and relatable human being. I’ve always loved documentaries and
    podcasts, but this has taken it to a whole new level. I’ve stopped watching television
    - thank you kindly for having an influence on this momentous change.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you continue your Aya journey and where
    this indescribable medicine will take you. I really believe you are destined
    for great things. I’ll be here in Aus sending you love all the way.

    Thanks Aubrey, keep up the wonderful work. Xxxxx

  • Listening to this podcast during a spontaneous nature hike gave me a sense of grounding and balance that I needed to hear. An enlightening and informative podcast that inspired me. I have found the tools to continue on my journey and broke through the barrier that was holding me back.

  • Where can we find that music you referenced?

    Brian Bailey

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