The Music from "Ayahuasca" with Porangui | AMP #67

The Music from "Ayahuasca" with Porangui | AMP #67

In this podcast the musical warrior Porangui brings out his assortment of melodious weaponry to launch a sonic campaign explaining the power of music and the role it plays in the upcoming documentary "Ayahuasca". Stay tuned at the end for special samples of the new album. [myshortcoderev]

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  • Sedona is just down the hill from me. I hope to meet Porangui someday soon. Great in-depth jam session!

  • Where and when can the public purchase this album? I’ve been playing the didgeridoo since the first time I heard Porangui on the podcast. This latest episode was just as inspirational! Love you two both! You’ve touched my life in such powerful ways, I’m eternally grateful.

    Jason Annal
  • Thank you so much for another wonderful podcast, i ben waiting a long time to see your new movie Ayahuasca and now after hearing this beautiful music, i just cant wait:-) Thanks both of you for this great podcast. Is the album then out on the 22th of april and where can i find it then?? I was at Spirit quest in oct-nov last year and are planing for my next journey in january 2017, thanks to you Aubrey and also Amber that i heard about that place and i just knew that is was the right place for me. All the best from Denmark and keep on doing all the great stuff that you do:-) Casper

    Casper Lenskjold
  • Dope Stuff guys! I need more Porangui in my life! The Astral Hustle episode was awesome too. Peace!

    Rob DiTeodoro
  • Thanks Tomas! Definitely look forward to it. We will be throwing down an epic CD Release party on Earth Day – April 22nd if you’re in Sedona at the Posse Grounds HUB. Details will be on my site in the coming week ~ abrazos!


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