The End Of My Plant Medicine Journey | AMP #63


  • Awesome podcast Aubrey. I think this is your best one yet. Looking forward to seeing where your path takes you in the future. Keep up the good work.

    Ryan Martin
  • Aubrey Marcus you are an inspiration, mate. You have a true
    understanding of how to communicate your path with people and it shows. Always with a
    smile. A great podcast. Thank you.

    Master Mike
  • As a fellow explorer of consciousness, I have enjoyed listening to your podcasts and insights relative to every human being. This last podcast really hit the nail on the head of what I’ve come to conclude for myself this past year (and probably my most difficult and insightful one yet)- that everything is a choice. Feelings, beliefs, understanding, love… is all a choice. To practice this daily has been a challenging and rewarding art.

    Thank you for all that you strive for and share with us all. Looking forward to following you on your journey ahead. Much love.

  • I know youve stated you are anti Christian. But whether you know it or not. You have simply stated the basis of Christianity. Which is love and faith. You have come full circle.

  • Thank you for sharing this podcast with us. I have recently returned from my first ayahuasca ceremony and it was an amazing journey. Having been witness to the power of the plant medicines, I really got your message about choice and how we already have access to the astral through our imagination. Thanks for the guidance and sharing brother.


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