The Process of Success and Overcoming Disaster with Lance Armstrong | AMP #124

The Process of Success and Overcoming Disaster with Lance Armstrong | AMP #124

From defeating cancer and being a celebrated hero, to his hard and financially perilous fall from grace, professional cyclist and seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong lays it all out in an intimate discussion of what it feels like to lose everything but gain his happiness.


  • Nothing more precious than the redemption theology we have as a cornerstone in this country. Lance, the poster child for same. Good deal for this man’s heroes journey. Gotta say however, that a guy steeped in detail, diligence and passion for whatever he does, this cat has gotta get his voice. His intermittent direct and then fading off into the unintelligible a real pisser when listening to him. It’s the analogue, perhaps homologue…that his body is still reflecting he’s got something to hide. Perhaps just a remnant, but Lance, if you’re going to be in the world giving us your inimitable experience and story, let your Voice be as important as that fine tuned instrument, your bike you straddled to make your remarkable mark. STOP FUCKING MUMBLING, K? Love you, Mean it./Herby

    Herby Bell
  • God Bless Lance. Lance really demonstrated such humbleness and he always shows such great love for his family and desire to be a great father. I really appreciated his cancer journey story as I always do. He has inspired me and my wife who has fought cancer for 3 years still. Death is real but we all know through Christ’s death the sting has been defeated. I don’t believe in religion. Religion is man made. I believe in relationship and none better than one with Christ because is the only one out all religious Gods who doesn’t have a grave because he rose again and lives. It has been archaeologically proven by facts as well. Thanks for interviewing Lance !!! Blessings !!


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