All Up In Your Guts with Dr Amy Myers | AMP #116

All Up In Your Guts with Dr Amy Myers | AMP #116

Dr. Amy Myers, gut health specialist and author of NY Times Best sellers The Auto-Immune Solution and The Thyroid Connection, sits down with Kyle Kingsbury and I to discuss the functional medicine approach to improve candida, SIBO and mold toxicity.


  • Why can’t I find the ingredients to the grass fed beef collegan? Please explain.

    Kimberly Cornwell
  • Dr Myers, I have taken the microbclear, now taking leaky gut rr, as well as digestive enzymes and raw probiotic…will I need another jar of leaky gut rev, thanks

    Joy wright
  • I agree 100% with Isabel the nasty language doesn’t belong on a show like this. I’m surprise Dr. Amy would participate in it. You have a very nasty mouth and we shouldn’t have to listen to you. 3/4 way through the show I couldn’t stand it any more and turned you off. I can listen to her many other ways instead of having to listen to your nasty language.

    Mary hayes
  • Please leave the bad language at home. I want my kids to hear some good information, not bad language.? Other than that. Great information.


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