The Game

Author: Neil Strauss

Publisher: Regan Books

Value Rating: 7/10

Entertainment Rating: 9/10

Buy it: Amazon for $22.99

Read If: You are one of the good guys who always sees his dream-girl slip away, or a person who simply wants to learn how to be a more interesting person to everyone you encounter.

Do Not Read If: You are one of the douchebags, the womanizers, or the sociopaths that are going to cut a wider swath of destruction through the hearts and minds of bambi-eyed females.

Review: This book is not just about how to trick chicks into fucking you (though it teaches you every possible way to do so). The real value of the book lies in the knowledge it gives you about how to improve your self as a human being. While some of the tactics are rooted in manipulative psychology, a good portion of having “Game” is just being an interesting person. Neil Strauss is a great writer, and the book itself reads like a witty story of personal growth and transformation. This said, there is power in this book and I recognize this power could be used for good or for ego. For this reason if I ever have a daughter I will make sure she reads this book, to develop immunity to the potential dark wizards of the Game.

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