The Alchemist

Author: Paolo Coelho

Entertainment Rating: 8/10

Value Rating: 10/10

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Read If: You are human.

Do Not Read If: You are an alien, a brain in a vat, or an evil demon

This is one of the first books that profoundly changed my life for the better. People praise the Bible incessantly for the ‘great stories’ that teach us lessons about life. I never really understood that… Personally I think even old Aesop did a better job than that over-manipulated piece of literature, but that’s another topic.

This is the story that should have been in there. This is the story that everyone should read in their formative years. I can only ponder how different the world would be if this was the case. This story does not ask for you to pay fealty to it, or bow before any alter other than your own Godself. It illuminates the path to actualizing your destiny and achieving the limits of what is possible for you in this life. The lessons here are not a ‘secret’ and certainly not magic. The road is long and wrought with challenge, but nothing good is won easily. This book will give you the focal point on your quest and a living allegory. If you have kids, please read it to them. If you haven’t found your calling, read it. If ever you are dissatisfied with what you are doing, or have questions about where you want to be, read it. Is it a ‘grown ass man’ book? Maybe not… but if you still have youth in your heart, it is a must read. Now let me get off the topic before I have to stand behind a pulpit myself!

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