Write Your Own Success Story with Gerard Adams | AMP #183

Write Your Own Success Story with Gerard Adams | AMP #183

Gerard Adams tells the passionate story of going from a young street hustler, to business mogul. He sold his company, Elite Daily, for $50 million and has continued his journey as a highly sought mentor, investor, and voice of the millennial entrepreneur. Gerard shares valuable insight on how to sharpen your grind, identify what to leverage, and listen to your heart to capitalize on what excites you.


  • Hey buddy. On spotify there’s a point where I dont hear anything at 45:00 for about ten seconds. Hope you fix it. Much love.

    xavier chia
  • Aubrey,

    First of all, I enjoy your podcast so please keep bringing in great people and solid content.

    Is there any chance you can send me any contact info for Virexx Medical Corp and Dr. Lauren Terrell. My wife was diagnosed with stage VI ovarian cancer in November 2016. She had a major debulking surgery and was put on Chemo for 18 weeks. After surviving that poison, which knocked her down but got rid of cancer, in May of 2017, she was told she was “NED” no evidence of disease until last week when my wife Christine started having intense headaches. An MRI revealed four masses on her brain. Last Tuesday we drove down to Salt Lake City to have a doctor at Huntsman remove three of the masses and we are scheduled to go back down for some targeted radiation. We are looking for a preventative measure to help stave off cancer from coming back again. The timing of finding this podcast is quite serendipitous. I know your time is valuable, but this woman is my rock and there is no stone I will leave unturned.

    Any info would be helpful.

    Thank you!!

    Bryan Appleton

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