Thrills and Suffering with Anthony de Mello | AMP Books #12

Thrills and Suffering with Anthony de Mello | AMP Books #12

As many of you know I tend to find myself in difficult positions, perhaps so I can find a pathway out of these mental, emotional, and physical challenges. It’s like I’m playing a giant game of Escape Room with my own mind. One brutal, but incredibly helpful tactic I leverage when I find myself in a tight internal spot is the writing of Anthony de Mello. Anthony de Mello is an author whose wisdom is only matched by the brutality in which he delivers it. This section from his book The Way To Love is no different. Anthony de Mello cuts straight to the path to the Kingdom of Joy and flips the entire value system that we have been taught on its head. If Anthony de Mello is a bit much for your taste, I have added my own pragmatism to help you apply the wisdom of his philosophy in this episode of Aubrey Marcus Podcast Books.

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