The Truth Of Who You Are, Spoken Through Paul Selig | AMP #137

The Truth Of Who You Are, Spoken Through Paul Selig | AMP #137

This is one of the most interesting and significant podcasts I have ever been a part of. Whether or not you believe that channeler Paul Selig is in touch with guidance from a higher source, the truth of his words and their effect on those around him are undeniable. We set out to explain who we are, the nature of divine love, and answer questions I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to ask.


  • Aubrey, first, I love you man. I’ve been following you and as a result ended up seeing Maestro Don Howard in what was one of the best experience in my life, and not because of ayahuasca or huachuma, but because of the people that were there, and the connection we formed.

    It’s great to listen to philosophical conversations and entertain truths.
    I’ve done it many many many times during my 20 years of inner work. But nothing has changed my suffering. And everyone has answers, and ate even happy to take your money but alas the suffering continues.

    It’s a wringing, churning, and fucking difficult existence, the individual suffering. Intellectually I know the answers and yet, here I am still suffering. I’ve tried everything, and nothing has worked.

    My message and understanding is simply that it is a very very individual path. And only we can walk it. And no matter who or what says is the answer, it isn’t until it is is for you.


    Sotir Ivanovski
  • Great podcast. I really enjoy channeling and enjoyed Paul Selig his book. Are you familiar with Darryl Anka who is channeling the ET called Bashar. There are some nice interviews out there with him on Youtube. Just as with Paul Selig it is about the message and if people can apply and use that, not the messanger. Still though it is fun to talk to an ET through a human. ;)

    David / Douwe Beerda
  • This was a great podcast. I have been reading his books and find his gift to be incredible. What he channels completely resonates with me.

    E Moses
  • This was the most profound podcast I have ever watched. I am so lucky to have been introduced to your brand.

    Ciara Abernathie
  • This is the best interview that anyone has ever conducted with Paul Selig as far as I know. You elicted from him answers that helped me to better understand The Guides’ teachings. I have never been religious or spiritual in my orientation to reality and if anyone had said I would be listening to somone channeling about how to achieve a higher level of consciousness I would have said they were deluded but I am listening to and am reading the channeled works and I do take them seriously. I have experienced a change in my relationship to myself. I am letting go of fear as my default response to my existence which means that I am steadily closing in on embracing total self acceptance and adopting a non judgmental approach to others. All the judging stuff and defensive behavior comes from fear. When one lets go of fear, one can live in truth and live in service to the world.


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