The Infinite Wisdom of The Kabbalah with Rabbi Mordecai Finley | AMP #321

The Infinite Wisdom of The Kabbalah with Rabbi Mordecai Finley | AMP #321

Rabbi Mordecai Finley has dedicated his life to teaching the mystical truths of the Kabbalah - one of the great maps to the interaction between the human psyche and the mind of God. This is one of my top ten favorite podcasts I have ever recorded, not just because of Rabbi Finley’s spiritual expertise, but also because he has lived the full and vibrant life of a man. A man who served as a marine, earned a jiujitsu black belt, and has dedicated his life to service for the good of all.

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  • Rabbi Mordecai Finley has been my Rabbi/teacher/spiritual guide for some 20 years. It is rare to find a teacher who is able to crystallize and explain the tradition he represents in so many dimensions simultaneously. His intimate knowledge of Judaism, Kabbalah, history, philosophy, poetry, psychology, and spiritual wisdom have been synthesized over the decades into a unique form of spiritual transmission that often keeps us, his students, on the edge of our seats and, like Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel described , in a state of “radical amazement.” Listening to the dialogue between Rabbi Finley and Aubrey Marcus today was delicious. Aubrey, originally a son of the Jewish tradition, has acquired his own unique spiritual wisdom by pursuing a totally different path., under the tutelage of different teachers and guides who represent Indigenous and Eastern traditions. So what a treat to witness this exciting meeting of the minds during a free-spirited— yet finely choreographed— dance up and down the “Tree of Life.” Thank you. You made my day!

    Ruth Broyde Sharone

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