Sing Your Authentic Song with Citizen Cope | AMP #194

Sing Your Authentic Song with Citizen Cope | AMP #194

I sat down with musical legend Citizen Cope. We talked about being open to the muse, forgiving our fathers, and the real fear humans have around vulnerability. It was a special conversation, made more unique because he played two songs live for the podcast. His new album, Heroine and Helicopters is available wherever music can be purchased or streamed.


  • Thank you for the insight into the thoughts, feelings, and mind of Citizen Cope. His music and lyrics move my soul in ways that no other artist ever has…something so pure and so deep. I’ve been a fan since the beginning and my life is forever changed with Clarence’s music inside my heart and soul. So much gratitude, Clarence. Peace and Love Always 💜

  • So awesome, you guys are some of my favorite people. Aubrey I look forward to goforyourwin course, I am looking to really change my life around & start enjoying every day. Am so bummed I couldnt attend your concert at park city utah last year as I had to leave the day before. Hope to see you at the end of the month!

    ryan ruiz

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