Psychedelic Medicine featuring MAPS founder Rick Doblin | AMP #20

Psychedelic Medicine featuring MAPS founder Rick Doblin | AMP #20

In this special 2 hour podcast I meet with MAPS founder and psychedelic science pioneer Rick Doblin along with one of the chief researchers Dr. Charles Grob. Our discussion ranges from their own personal history and how they came to be leaders in the field, to the wider applications and futures of psychedelic medicine.


  • made me crazy way before… why make a podcast if it makes listeners uncomfortable?

  • Interesting podcast, but the constant thumping, clicking, and teacup clinking noises were irritating enough that I had to stop listening about 2/3 of the way through.

  • Gonna enjoy the fuck out of this, but I wish it was in video form; I love watching Rick smile as he talks.

    Carl Wilkinson
  • Cannot wait! JRE with Doblin was excellent.

    Zach Davidi
  • Man all the complainers need to relax. I personally thought the ambient noises were charming and immersive, felt like I was right there with you guys. What did you order 3/4’s in? Sounded tasty!

    Ben Franke

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