Hanging Out and Talking S*** with Brendan Schaub | AMP #158

Hanging Out and Talking S*** with Brendan Schaub | AMP #158

I’ve been involved in some form of athletics, as a participant or a spectator my entire life. Most of us have. So I sat down with my brother Brendan Schaub, former 2 sport pro athlete and entertainment triple threat to figure out which sport was the best. We had no criteria, just a 16 team bracket and a lot of sh*t to talk.


  • Whats your official youtube channel

  • I get what you’re saying, MMA is entertaining. However, a fight can last only 5-10 seconds. There’s so much hype and adrenaline, then over in a matter of seconds. At least Football, there’s pregame, the actual game, overall entertainment factor would have to be Football.
    -Jess in Phoenix

    Jessica Bojorquez
  • Love you guys but you two know shit about sports. mma?

    john buats

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