Daniele Bolelli | AMP #19


  • HIgh five!

    Good podcast
  • Great podcast to listen as I clean my bathroom. :-)

    Jr SanchezRivera
  • Daniele was my American Indian Studies professor in college, love tuning into these!

  • If you agree with me and my theory makes sense to you find me on facebook or twitter MVeritasKucharski

  • :D Can’t wait to listen. Just got done listening to you on The Drunken Taoist podcast…and had to check this out next.

    Aubrey, I’ve heard you tell the story about the “heartbeat of the universe and the blue titan saying yes to running” on about 4 podcasts now…and each time it sends shivers up my spine. I have an eerily similar vision the last time I took psilocybin, about 4 years ago. I won’t go into detail, because the visual and tactile aspect was absurdly detailed and intense, but the overall motif was almost identical to your vision. I find the big existential questions to be incredibly mysterious and enthralling. Questions like, “Why does anything exist at all?” or “Why is conscious experience even possible? What is consciousness?”

    You described how this vision of yours eventually multiplied over and over. I almost see that as a depiction of the infinite differentiation of the initial source(you may call God) as it chooses to say “yes” to every single possible infinite incarnation, be it a homeless man living in 1887, a bumblebee in ancient Rome, Salvador Dali, the 20,739th fish born in the ocean today, Dick Cheney, my cat Cosmo, or you and I. This unified consciousness chose to say “yes” to whatever may be…and entered into itself, through itself, by dividing itself infinitely…in order to fully apprehend who what and why it is.

    Anyway…I could ramble for ages about this. I just find that particular vision of yours to be rather interesting…and I find it pretty cool how precisely it lines up with one of my own psychedelic visions. Really makes me wonder if there’s something utterly real to the messages contained within…
    Thanks for this podcast! Clicking play now….


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