Be Your Own Kind of Hero with Tim Kennedy | AMP #141

Be Your Own Kind of Hero with Tim Kennedy | AMP #141

Former top ranked UFC middleweight, Decorated US Army Green Beret, TV star, and modern day superhero Tim Kennedy knows a thing or two about going for his win, one small choice at a time. In one of my favorite episodes of all time, we talk about the difference in how he and I ‘go to war’, what propels us forward in the face of fear, and what it truly means to be a man. This episode is a battlecry for the hero that lives inside of us all.


  • I thought you were friends with Tim Kennedy?? Why did you have to do him dirty and use a picture of him impersonating a Navy SEAL with the gross overuse of hair gel???

    Hayden Wooster
  • Great episode Aubrey, thank you for sharing awesome thought provoking and inspiring content. I was kind of waiting for you to share a bit more of the perspective that I know to be dear to you of unconditional compassion regarding ‘villainous’ people – i.e. it’s their own pain which is the core reason that catalyzes their actions.

    I’ll admit it’s somewhat challenging for me to reconcile the idea that violence can pave the way for peace(although Bhagavad Gita is quite convincing in this regard), but irrespective of this I do think the most important thing is to never put any other out of your heart.


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