Scientology and Other Nonsense with C.K. Chin | AMP #62

Scientology and Other Nonsense with C.K. Chin | AMP #62

Finally the podcast has come first circle. The very first podcast was with C.K. Chin, my long time friend and restauranteur, but we had the microphones upside down. Finally we got it together so we could talk some nonsense about scientology and other trifles.

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  • I find it therapeutic to simply express yourself. I hadn’t considered how Catholics do it with confession and Scientologists do it with going clear. I do know that people like to pay people to talk to. I get therapy talking to myself, a wall, or a camera. Think about facebook – that is how some people seek a form of therapy.

    Gavin Palmer
  • I’m glad I am not the only person who has one of their files on their phone.

    also Aubrey I enjoy seeing the connection you have with your audience/community and think you should do a spotlight on various things from them, (the people seek out beauty or inspiration in you, and it would be nice for you to direct them (in a sense) toward a mirror,


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