Psilocybin Can Revolutionize Medicine with Dr. Dave Nichols | AMP #123

Psilocybin Can Revolutionize Medicine with Dr. Dave Nichols | AMP #123

President of Heffter Research Institute, Dr. Dave Nichols, dissects the war on drugs, offers a behind the scenes look at clinical study design, and gives scope to the vast healing potential of psychedelic therapy in numerous medical indications that have had little success with Western medicine.


  • What a legend Dr. Dave Nichols is! Hope people like him get remembered and mentioned in Psychiatry textbooks of the future!

    The ball is rolling! Only a matter of time before change happens :D

  • Change the name – change the game! Calling them “Placebo Effect Enhancers” in the public/political discourse would be a much, much better name than the by now dated “Psychedelics”. Switch things up, coin a new term that doesn’t come with old connotations. And yes, “Placebo Effect Enhancers” becomes PEEs for short – that will bring all the stand-up comedians and media pundits in the world to give you a LOT of free and fast publicity for the new term – helps you get a new momentum going. Peace Out! :-)


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