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Your Full Temple Reset

Activate the Ancient Intelligence of Your Body

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Austin, TX
Online Coaching Starts
Online Coaching Starts
Jan 26 - 30
In-Person Summit
Jan 26 - 30
In-Person Summit
1 Year Access
to the FFS App and Community
1 Year Access
to the FFS App and Community

What is Full Temple Reset

Doing difficult sh*t with people you deeply trust is the upper echelon of human transformation. And being directly coached by retired MMA fighter Kyle Kingsbury offers you a unique opportunity to break free from limiting patterns. Serving as the first Fit For Service event of the year, you will have 5 days of focused coaching with FFS Master Coaches Kyle Kingsbury and Erick Godsey.

You will learn the most powerful practices these coaches have ever taught, including daily Sauna/Cold Plunge Therapy, cutting-edge Strength and Mobility Exercises, diverse Breathwork Practices, guided Ziva Meditations, and workshops on the Mastery of Your Psyche, all while on a 5-day custom Fasting Mimicking Diet.

Your body is a temple that holds deep wisdom and activating this ancient intelligence is one of life’s greatest rewards. Make vitality be your default state of being with this intensive mind, body, and soul transformation taking place on a stunning bio-farm just south of Austin, Texas.

Who Is This For:

True power in 2022 is knowing what to ignore and trusting what to listen to. If you agree and are ready to access the wisdom of your body, we will show you how to discern your body’s signals from the noise of a modernized lifestyle. For 5 full days, you will learn how to activate the ancient intellege of your body.

First, your body will be cleared. The fasting and the meditation will see to that. Then you must cultivate body awareness. The heat, cold, mobility, and physical training will activate that. Then, you will begin to hear the intelligence of the body speaking. Walking on the land, tracking your dreams, and journaling will allow you to interpret your body’s language. You are then ready to act on behalf of the whispers of your body. The closing ceremony and integration calls will make it so.

There is a great gift waiting for you, that once activated, will guide you for the rest of your life. This is to trust and live in alignment with the intelligence inside you. Your Full Temple Reset is your opportunity for this level of holistic revitalization.

Your 5 Week Transformation

“Working directly with you, I will share the most impactful practices for mind, body, and soul that I have ever learned… all condensed into a single event, at an epic location, with a daily flow that is sure to fully reset and revitalize your entire temple.” - Kyle Kingsbury

Before Event

  • Nurse Practitioner Consultation
  • Emily Fletcher’s ZIVA Meditation Course
  • Pre-event Bloodwork
  • Erick Godsey’s Journaling Course
  • Discounted Supplements + Medications
  • Onboarding Group Call with Kyle Kingsbury

In-person Summit

During Event

  • Ritual Sauna + Natural Water Cold Plunges
  • Daily Strength + Mobility Practices
  • Diverse Breath Practices
  • Mid-day Group Ziva Meditations
  • Daily Solo Nature Immersions
  • Custom Fasting Mimicking Diet
  • Daily Dream + Internal Family Systems Workshops

Closing Event

  • Sound Healing Ceremony
  • Fast-Breaking Feast

After Event

After Event

  • 1-on-1 Integration Call with Kyle Kingsbury
  • Group Call with Emily Fletcher

Restore Your Sacred
Inner Compass

Using the Native American medicine wheel as a guide to activating your body’s superpowers, in his first time offering direct access, in-person coaching, retired UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury will lead you through both intense physical challenges and profound healing journeys.

Awaken And Interpret
Your Psyche

Master Coach Erick Godsey will guide you in: (1) Daily Dream Interpretation Workshops. (2) Learning how to interpret your dreams in a way that transforms your daily life. (3) Mastering your psyche in the face of challenges.

Meet the

Master Coaches

For Your Full Temple Reset


Kyle Kingsbury is a former football player (Arizona State), a retired American professional mixed martial artist (UFC for six years), former Director of Human Optimization at Onnit, and host of The Kyle Kingsbury Podcast.

While fighting at the highest level, Kyle became fascinated with nutrition, performance, and recovery. Since his MMA retirement, his focus has shifted to learning more about longevity, plant medicines, and inner peace.

He is a master coach with FFS, serving the community since its origin. Kyle specializes in physical mastery as the foundation and pathway to spiritual optimization.


Erick Godsey earned a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor in 2012. His postgraduate study weaved Evolutionary, Behavioral, and Jungian Psychology.

He's the host of The Myths That Make Us podcast and he is a Master Coach for Fit For Service, who specializes in Behavior Change, Internal Family Systems, and Depth Psychology.

He is also one of the world's most relentlessly terrible pun-ners. He won't stop, but he's got a good heart.

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