Who will you become, after you commit to being Fit For Service?

Fit For Service is a curated fellowship with some of the world’s top coaches and experts, specifically designed to help you become physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, romantically and spiritually fit to be in service of the good of all. Every single one of you who enters this program, will leave more equipped to tackle the challenges of life with absolute confidence.

The confidence of a body that has been optimized, a mind that has been forged, emotions that have been mastered, a spiritual connection that has been strengthened, resources at your disposal, and a tribe of allies at your side.

This is not a mastermind, this is a transformational experience. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, all of you have a lion inside, just waiting to emerge with a roar that says “I am done playing small, I am done hiding my voice, I am done being the good girl, or the good boy. I would rather live one day as a lion, than a thousand days pretending to be less than who I truly am.”

You are all lions. You are ready for this. Trust yourself. We can’t wait to see who you become after unlocking the power of your twin dragons for Trimester 3.

The Union Of Masculine And Feminine

There are two archetypal forces inside us all. Twin dragons. The sacred feminine--the force with the power to surrender to the mystery, birthing life into the void. The sacred masculine--a force that can hold strong in the midst of blistering chaos and bring order.

But our greatest potential power lies in the sacred union of awakened twin dragons. This is the transformation that awaits for Trimester 3 of 2021, which will take us through the red rocks of Sedona.

Sedona, Arizona | October 19-23 2021 (Subject to change)

Sedona is one of the world’s truly magical places. The perfect backdrop to awaken the alchemical rebis- the sacred union of masculine and feminine that lays dormant within us. To help us get there we will have ecstatic dance in a live concert with Porangui at sunset. We will experience the full rebirth after breathwork offered by master Anahata Ananda. We will be guided on a vision quest out into the land, to discover sacred places and objects that will become signs on our path. We will fly with the sounds of musician Yaima, and work with some of the world’s best coaches on how to harness our full potential. To understand more of what you will experience this trimester, check the survey results below.



The fellowship is for those of you who are not content with playing small. For those of you that are eager to take back your sovereign power–your birthright as a human being. For those of you who crave a community of allies that can fearlessly receive the truth of who you are with love.

The fellowship is not for everyone. We review all applications carefully to make sure every member will be the best fit to support the community. If you have the right heart, spirit, and intentions you will be invited to join the fellowship.

What To Expect For Trimester

A 4-5 Day In-Person Summit With Guest Coaches, and Musical Guests

Monthly Small Group Zoom Calls With Aubrey

Monthly Group Zoom Calls With Coaches

Private App With Weekly Challenges + Lives

Member Led Groups and Get Togethers


The crown jewel of the trimester, the summit is the chance to meet up with the full tribe, experience transformational medicine, and learn from some of the best coaches in the world.


This is a chance to talk to me in a small group format where everyone will get a chance to speak and ask any question they like. I am committed to radical vulnerability and openness, so truly, you can ask me anything and I'll do my best to help you.


Each coach will host one group call per month around an area of interest or expertise. This is an opportunity for the coach to share their medicine and for the community to connect with each coach and each other on a regular basis.


The private app (desktop and mobile) will be only for members, myself and coaches. This will be the platform where myself and other coaches will host live calls, post stories, and invite you to weekly challenges that will push you to expand your comfort zone. This app allows us to connect directly to each without the clutter or chaos of email and social media. Every Thursday at 2pm CST we will host a live Q&A


Books, Podcasts, Documentaries, and Movies are some of the fastest ways to level up. With all of the availability now for every form of media we are going to connect deeply with key media sources where insights are aggregated and expounded.


As a member, you will have an optional but standing invitation to connect with other members around member-led and organized topics. A small sample of current groups include business, cryptocurrency, parenting, healthy eating, ceremonial practices and more. As a member, you are invited to share your own medicine with this powerful group and have the opportunity to create calls, share and refine content, and connect with others around your passions. There are also member created subgroups for those in similar geolocations to facilitate in person member organized meetings.

Full-Time Coaches

Aubrey Marcus

Founder of Onnit, NYT Bestseller, Podcaster

Kyle Kingsbury

Host of the Kyle Kingsbury Podcast, Optimization Expert, Everyday Shaman, Former UFC Fighter

Erick Godsey

Jungian Scholar, Dream Interpreter and Habit Change Coach

Caitlyn Howe

Writer, Empath, and Bliss Coach

Vylana Marcus

Sound Healer, Recording Artist, Transformation alchemist, Medicine woman

* Portraits done by 2019 member Alex Ruiz

Guest Coaches 2018-2020

Paul Selig

Author and spiritual guide


World’s greatest living poet

Dr. Dan Engle M.D.

Clinically trained psychiatrist, schooled in both holistic and shamanic medicine paths

Dr. Craig Koniver

General practitioner on the cutting edge of the mind-body connection

Christine Hassler

Master Coach, Keynote Speaker Bestselling Author, Podcast Host

Stefanos Sifandos

Love & Relationship Coach Masculine/Feminine Expert

Whitney Miller

Relationship Coach, True Sex & Wild Love Podcast Co-Host

Dr. Wednesday Martin

#1 New York Times bestselling writer and social researcher

Anahata Ananda

Breathwork expert, and healer

Maya Stojan

Actress and gratitude expert

Tim Corcoran

Nature Based Purpose Guide

Musical Guests 2018-2020


Healer, Musician, and Creative

East Forest

Musician and medicine keeper


American song collector, writer and multi-instrumentalist

Elley Duhe

American singer and songwriter

In Our Latest 2020 FFS Survey, Thanks to FFS…

100% Made one or more lifelong friendships

100% Experienced significant emotional healing or spiritual growth

51% Entered a new business opportunity

30% Formed a business partnership with a member

95% Feel healthier in their body

84% Had their love life improved

70% Expanded their digital platform

100% Would recommend to a friend or family member

100% Feel more fit for service

*From a voluntary survey of 2020 members who participated in at least 2 summits.

To Be A Bodhisattva

In Buddhism there are those who are called Bodhisattva. A Bodhisattva is one who could personally find enlightenment sitting on top of a mountain somewhere, or the distraction of pure hedonism, but chooses not to do it, because they commit themselves to ease the suffering of the world. The fellowship is for the Bodhisattvas in our midst. Those that can delay personal satisfaction, because their compassion for those who suffer is so strong that they cannot stay away from the fight. They cannot sit on the sidelines while their fellow humans fall around them. They cannot spend their days in idle pleasure while their mother, the Earth, is dying. Are you Bodhisattva? If you are, I welcome you into the fellowship.

What is the Investment to Join?

You have two options:

1. Trimester Payment Plan

$5,000 per trimester (4 months), the first is January 1 - April 30th. A single trimester has proved to be a life changing experience for many alumni; if you are willing to commit up front, we offer you a savings of $400 off monthly costs.

2. Monthly Payment Plan

Trimester spread out evenly over 4 monthly payments of $1,350. First month is due upon acceptance, and then you will be billed on the first of each following month for four payments total. This payment plan is ideal for those of you with rotating income or obligations - we love our FFS entrepreneurs, families and trailblazers and understand the need for financial flexibility.

***This commitment is simply a payment plan for the entirety of each trimester, and you are responsible for the full four months.

Every one of us has a unique gift to give the world. Beyond the resources you might bring to bear, there is something intangible that we all have. A way that we can impact others or the collective in a special way.

For those of you selected, this fellowship is going to help you discover, and then bring forth this medicine to the world. Are you ready to be fit for service? Are you ready to join us? If so, fill out the application. I hope to meet you soon.


What is my tuition paying for?

The majority of the tuition will go towards helping create the in person summits and meetups, which truly forge the alliances through shared experiences. The remainder of the tuition goes to supporting the amazing team I have behind the scenes and allows us to bring in guest performances, coaches, and speakers.

What is the recommended time commitment?

The more you give to this community the more you will receive. At a minimum, we suggest roughly 5 hours a week between the challenges, live chats, and coach and member led zoom calls.

Then, of course, there are the summits. Be prepared to come and fully immerse yourself in the community for 5 full days. This fellowship is your sandbox, you can do the bare minimum and chill on the side, or you can jump in the fray and saturate yourself with the love, connection, and opportunity this community will provide.


You will receive access to a private platform (desktop or private app) that will have weekly challenges, member highlights, Q&As with the coaches, Masterclass Zoom calls from one of the coaches, direct small group Zoom call with Aubrey once a month, potential opportunity to host a workshop at a summit and the introduction to like-minded brothers and sisters that will transform your life, deepen your soul-network, and open your heart.

What if I can’t attend a Summit?

We do not offer a discount for membership if you cannot attend a gathering. The online content alone can change your life, we know that, and if you are proactive, you will likely meet life-long friends. The summits have a magic that is beyond articulation, so we highly encourage members to connect in-person whenever possible.

What if I only want to come to the summits?

Then come! The price will stay the same, given the value of the summits, but we’d strongly recommend you at least keep your awareness on the weekly challenges so you can see what the unfolding story of the community is. For the price of a trimesterly membership in FFS you will have the full retreat experience that is offered more affordably than other places without the supplementary content and ongoing community support, so if you can at least attend the summit, your resources will be well spent.

What if I can’t afford this, but I really feel I’m meant to be a part of this?

We appreciate the hundreds of people we know will hear the call and feel they are meant for this. We don’t want you to put yourself at financial risk to join this, so below are the three resources we’d recommend you look into until your financial situation is ready for this investment.

  1. Check out the Fit for Service Academy App!

    Through our incredible community app, you can connect with all the coaches, lessons from the fellowship, and others who also wish to become Fit for Service. Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

  2. Study and live Own The Day, Own Your Life

    I put my heart, blood, and soul into this book. It has many of the fundamental practices I use everyday. This is the blueprint to begin upgrading your mind, body, and spirit.

  3. Start a local Fellowship

    Everything I talk about on the podcast, write about on the blog, and share on Instagram are tools given freely for the good of all. Get together with friends once a week and discuss these ideas. Help each other, inspire each other, and watch as your life begins to shift.

What are the terms of service?

Basically, be a good person. If you show up, contribute, and do the work, you will always have a place here. We reserve the right to remove you without refund if you begin to infringe on the safety, health, or freedom of other members, or interfere with the ability of the coaches to do their best work.


The minimum commitment is for one trimester, a four month term. You do not have to be in for the entire year! Many people have joined for a single trimester and benefitted deeply from the commitment, the summit, and the community. A trimester up front is $5,000 or we have a payment plan of $1,350 per month. We offer a discount for up front payment as it greatly reduces our costs.

What is the Refund Policy?

If you are dissatisfied with your experience or if your financial situation changes, you are always welcome to opt-out. However, there are a few stipulations.

Your commitment is to the entire experience - both the coaching, the app, and the summit.

If you are a monthly-payment member, we consider this a payment plan for the full four month trimester, offered as a courtesy to make your investment more manageable within your budget.

Once you have attended a summit, monthly payment members will be committed by contract to complete payments for the full four-month trimester.

You may request to drop out before attending the summit, and no further charges will be made, but we will offer no refund. When you join FFS, we provide you with multiple opportunities for growth, and we invest significant time and resources to all of these, whether you participate or not. When you accept your placement, we are offering you a coveted spot; if you are unsure of your commitment, please consider applying at another time to allow someone to join who is fully available to participate.

If you prepay, your refund will be prorated based on these guidelines:

Full refund less processing fees if you decide within seven days of the start of the trimester to drop out. You must complete and submit the dropout form linked in your onboarding agreement. After that date, you may drop out at any time but agree to pay a minimum of $2,500; it would be extremely difficult and impractical to assess the actual damages suffered by us when individuals cancel commitments that others may have honored. If you attend the summit, you agree to pay the full tuition.

We recommend considering travel or trip insurance to cover your investment.

It is our intention to keep this community whole! Please communicate your financial needs or conflicts to the team well in advance. We are here to help as much as we can.

What are the dates of the summits for 2021?
  1. Costa Rica - April 6-10th 2021*
  2. Boone, NC - July 31st-August 4th 2021*
  3. Sedona, AZ - Oct 19-23rd 2021*

*Subject to change

It is important to note that the Summits are where the coaches will be providing curriculum, workshops, and immersive experiences like sweat lodges and ecstatic dance.

Are flights and lodging included?

Flights and lodging are not included. For each summit, we will do our best to provide discounted rates and suggestions on nearby hotels and lodging options until they fill up, but the members often opt to share space in large Air Bnbs together, and that can dramatically reduce the cost of lodging (and they tend to be the go-to places after-hours).