The Fit For Service Academy

Community + Inspiration + Education + Transformation

The Fit For Service Academy is a place to learn, be inspired, transform, and connect with your tribe around the world. The guiding principle is simple: practice vulnerability and serve yourself by serving others. We will have unique digital offerings from myself and all of the FFS Master Coaches. This is an opportunity to connect with the community through the platform in a series of live events and scheduled conversations.

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In order to be of service,

First you must be fit for service.

The FFS Academy program will focus on the following six quadrants of fitness:

Why join the FFS Academy?

Take a look at the poll results from the Fit For Service Fellowship:

100% Made one or more lifelong friendships

100% Experienced significant emotional healing or spiritual growth

51% Entered a new business opportunity

30% Formed a business partnership with a member

95% Feel healthier in their body

84% Had their love life improved

70% Expanded their digital platform

100% Would recommend to a friend or family member

100% Feel more fit for service

*From a voluntary survey of 2020 members who participated in at least 2 summits.

The Fit for Service Fellowship has had an astounding impact on members. But, it is severely limited, it cannot hold more than 150 people at a time without overflowing the physical space limitations for the transformational work we are providing. Hence, FFS Academy was born. We are excited to provide an opportunity to connect with a fully global community, learn from the Master Coaches, and facilitate your own gatherings and meetups with the tribe.

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Full-Time Coaches

Aubrey Marcus

Founder of Onnit, NYT Bestseller, Podcaster

Kyle Kingsbury

Host of the Kyle Kingsbury Podcast, Optimization Expert, Everyday Shaman, Former UFC Fighter

Erick Godsey

Jungian Scholar, Dream Interpreter and Habit Change Coach

Caitlyn Howe

Writer, Empath, and Bliss Coach

Vylana Marcus

Sound Healer, Recording Artist, Transformation alchemist, Medicine woman

What to Expect?

  • Weekly prompts and challenges for growth and self reflection in all six quadrants of fitness as tested and proven through the FFS Fellowship

  • In-app Livestreams with one of the Master Coaches every week

  • Discussion Groups for Entrepreneurs, Biohacking, Shadow Work, Exploring Archetypes, Spirituality, Men’s and Women’s Groups, and much more

  • A library of content unavailable to the public, including book reviews, biohacks, and masterclasses from the coaches

  • Access to guided meditations and breathworks, binaural beats, ecstatic dance playlists, and other media exclusive to the community


What is the purpose of the Fit For Service Academy?

Each year, we receive thousands of applications for our fellowship which is a small group of 150 individuals devoted to becoming fit for service. Many of you are pursuing your own path and are not yet ready for the time and financial investment of the Fellowship, and the Fellowship will always be limited in size. The Fit For Service Academy is our way to open the lessons and community up on a far greater scale to anyone who is called to become “Fit For Service”. We honor your calling. Welcome home.

How do the weekly prompts and challenges work?

The Fit for Service prompts and challenges are taught through “FFS Academy Main Feed”. You are automatically subscribed to this group. Use these challenges to guide your own self discovery. This guide has been tested and leveraged within the fellowship to provide a pathway to becoming your highest self in service.

Who are the coaches?

The Master Coaches are Aubrey Marcus, Caitlyn Howe, Erick Godsey, Kyle Kingsbury, and Vylana Marcus with special guests and leaders from Aubrey’s incredible network as well as extraordinary Fellowship members.

Are there other ways to connect with the coaches?

There are a few specific groups led and moderated by the coaches themselves in their specific areas of mastery where they want to connect more deeply with the community to offer their knowledge and support. Look for their portraits as a thumbnail and see the description in each group. Includes conversations, specialty classes, livestreams, and other offerings as decided by the coach.

How can I connect with the community?

There are a wide variety of interest-based groups to discuss and share knowledge around specific topics. These discussion groups are the bread and butter of the Fit For Service Academy, and we encourage you to ask questions, share your expertise, and connect as much as you feel is right for you. You can also add friends and connect in private messages with other members.

When are the Livestreams?

Each week, there will be a livestream Q&A to discuss the week’s challenges and answer the top questions or reflections with the coaches. You can see the schedule for livestreams in the Calendar from the main menu, and you’ll receive a push notification when we are about to go live/are live in the app. All livestreams are recorded and posted for later viewing.

Privacy Policy:

Refunds and Cancellations: You can manage your subscription for the Fit For Service Academy through the iOS Store or Google Play.

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8 steps to finding financial freedom through serving true medicine.