Bully On Parade (Gray)

Bully On Parade (Gray)

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It's not just free tickets to the gun show for everyone...It’s the perfect tank. It's not too short like something you would pull out of a Fruit of the Loom pack. And, it's not so long that it could be mistaken for a dress. But more importantly, it’s a bull terrier that would steal your girl faster than G-Eazy on a G7.

Warning: We are not responsible for strangers petting your chest and stomach in public when wearing this tank.

Details In The Fabric.

Lightweight. One hundred percent cotton, combed. Slim fit. Elongated body with curved bottom. Woven AM logo on bottom hem. Designed in Austin. Made in Italy. Built to go anywhere.

Great Goods Require Great Care.

Machine washable. Tumble dry low. Fabric is not pre-shrunk.


  • Height: 5'10"
  • Shown wearing: Large

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