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Aubrey Marcus Podcast

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Fit For Service is a coaching program that combines digital education with in-person transformative experiences to help people ‘remember in community’ so they can ‘serve their community.’ We offer online courses, a community app, and in-person events.

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Own the day, own your life
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Own The Day, Own Your Life

Own the Day, Own Your Life is a must-have "choose-your-own-adventure" guide for the everyman and everywoman—packed with pragmatic and effective strategies that empower you to enjoy your life, take charge of your health, and own the day.

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Other Ventures


Onnit Gym

Our overarching philosophy at Onnit Gym is to help everyday people achieve extraordinary results through a focus on longevity, performance, and community. We do this by meeting you wherever you are on your fitness journey and helping you take the right steps toward your goals, no matter what they are, through expertly programmed small group strength and conditioning sessions and private coaching.


Black Swan Yoga

BLACK SWAN YOGA is a donation-based, 90-degree heated yoga studio. We are an approachable, affordable, and community-driven yoga studio. We honor all yogic styles, practices and philosophies. We believe yoga should be available to EVERYONE, which is why we offer classes by donation.


Gardeners of Eden

Gardeners of Eden is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching the world how to create a truly symbiotic relationship between human beings and the Earth. We believe that the best way to teach is to do.



Onnit is a globally disruptive supplement, functional food, fitness, and lifestyle brand founded by Aubrey Marcus and Joe Rogan in 2011 based on the holistic health philosophy “Total Human Optimization”. Aubrey remained CEO until 2020 until passing the torch to Jason Havey who captained the ship through an acquisition by global giant Unilever.

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Visionary Media to bridge us into a more beautiful world
Aubrey Marcus

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