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Here Is What They Had To Say

Shawn Stevenson

Each day is an opportunity to be better. own the day provides only the best tools for optimizing your health, your body, your brain, and your performance.

- Author and host of #1 Fitness & Nutrition Podcast The Model Health Show

Christine Hassler

Aubrey Marcus has a gift for bringing out the best in people and his passion for human optimization is incredibly inspiring. In Own the Day, he is your encouraging, wise, and no BS guide to living into your full potential... one day at a time. Every aspect of your life will be transformed by implementing the well tested tools and tips you will learn. Read this book and your future self will thank you.

- Author, TV Host, Women's Wellness Coach

Jonathan Toews

How many self help books have people read halfway and then stop out of boredom or repetition? Not this book. Aubrey is realistic about what the average person is up against. He's witty and entertaining as hell as he helps you focus on the present and winning the small, daily battles on the road to becoming the best you. I've learned a ton from this book... it's basically my new daily routine. I'll be giving it to everyone I know!

- 3x Stanley Cup Champion, Captain of Chicago Blackhawks

Lance Armstrong

I'm an old guy now, long past my days of peak performance and this book is more relevant to me now as a father and a family man than it would have been as a hard charging kid. Don't get me wrong, I still like to get after it, but my priorities are about living a great well rounded life and this is the perfect blueprint for that.

- Really Good at Riding Bicycles

Jason Feifer

Aubrey Marcus is not fucking around. Every topic he tackles here could be an entire book of its own, but he instead managed to smash them together into one cohesive, category-killing manual on human optimization. It's as ambitious as it is useful.

- Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine

Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone

If you want to kick ass and live a life worth living, this book is the start, middle and end. There is no way you are going to read this book and not be a better person after every chapter. Read it. Trust me, just read it.

- Future UFC Hall of Famer

Cody “No Love” Garbrandt

Aubrey is a master not only of the physical game--getting you in shape, healthy and ready to perform at your best, but of the mental game as well. The book reads just like he talks, informative, funny, and totally inspirational. Makes me want to fight even harder, not just in the cage, but in life.

- UFC Champion

JP Sears

Aubrey masterfully lays down an infrastructure of self care and optimization that will no doubt up level your ability to attack your day with strength and energy in body and clarity and purpose in your mind. If you have an allergy to being the master of your life, then this book isn’t for you.

- Comedian, YouTube Superstar

Ben Greenfield

Aubrey Marcus is one of the few guys on the face of the planet who has decoded what it truly means to optimize the human machine. When it comes to priming your body and brain with simple, practical, trench-tested methods steeped in science, this book is, bar none, the best guide I've ever read. Own this book and you will own your day.

- Podcaster, Biohacker,

Lewis Howes

Aubrey is the ultimate life hacker. He is the Indiana Jones of mind & body optimization and applies it to living a great life. In Own the Day, Own Your Life he breaks down becoming a master of your mindset, your body, building businesses, sustaining peak energy, incredible connections, tantric sex, and having it all. If you want to learn how to do things beyond your wildest dreams, Aubrey and this book is the place to start!

- NYT Bestselling Author, Host of School of Greatness Podcast

Daniele Bolelli

Lao Tzu taught that a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. In this brilliant book, Aubrey Marcus offers the readers a master class about taking that first step toward elevating the quality of our lives.

- Host of History on Fire

Ryan Holiday

The best way to change your life is to change what your life is made up of--your rituals, your habits, how you eat and think. This book is a road map for doing exactly that written by an author whose results can’t be argued with.

- Bestselling Author of The Obstacle is the Way and Ego is the Enemy

Dr. Dan Engle MD

Aristotle is known for reminding us, "we are what we repeatedly do," and in Own the Day, Aubrey has distilled this philosophy into a reality. With over 300 scientific resources cited, the knowledge offered here is proven wisdom. Thus, this book is a working manual for repeatedly owning each day and reclaiming your life in success and mastery. "Excellence is a habit," the formula is here, the choice is yours.

- Author of The Concussion Repair Manual

Ted Dekker

Own The Day is infused with a wild bold courage that is infectious, regardless of whether or not you agree with every conclusion. Follow even half of Marcus’s brazen prescriptions for a new day and you cannot remain unchanged.

- Multiple Bestselling Author

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