The Hi-Top

The Hi-Top

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“Here be monsters.” It’s what ancient maps would say beyond any part of the world that had yet to be explored. For some, it served as a warning. But for others, it was a dare. They would set the great masts of their wooden ships, lace up their sturdy boots and set sail like hellfire into the blackwater of the unknown. What would they find where the map ended? Doesn’t matter. What matters is that they chose to go.

Like your explorer ancestors, you have monsters to hunt. And, like your ancestors, you need a good pair of shoes to lace up.

Crafted in Italy from genuine italian leather, this lace up shoe incorporates durable first-rate construction with a tonal color palette for an understated but sophisticated look.

Go find your monster.

Robert Frost once wrote, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.” It’s a stunning line that perfectly depicts the decision all men must eventually make: to rest or go further.

If your choice is to rest, please, take a seat. But, if your choice is to go further, doggedly pursuing your dreams like a hungry hunter, you could use a good pair of shoes.

Crafted in Italy from genuine italian leather, this shoe incorporates the same durable first-rate construction. Black on black, however, breeds a deeper level of sophistication, making them the perfect ally for dream-hunting, be it by day or by night.

Lace them up. You have promises to keep.

Details In The Fabric

Italian leather. Canvas fabric. Debossed AM logo. Leather lining. Rubber soles. Gunmetal grommets. 8 mm wide flat shoelaces. Shoe bag included. Back-up pair of black laces when things get rough. Designed in Austin. Made in Italy. Built to hunt monsters.


These shoes fit true to size.

Great Goods Require Great Care

Dirty? Use a towel and a little water to remove debris. Note: Apply leather cleaner only to the leather. Not to the canvas.

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