You are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

You are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter

Author: Dr. Joe Dispenza

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Entertainment Value: 5/10

Life Value: 10/10

Read If: You want to change anything at all about your health, happiness, or your life.

Do Not Read If: I typically reserve this section for some kind of snarky comment. But in this case I’m gonna just play it straight: There is no scenario under which any human should not read this book.

We have all heard about the placebo effect. Most of Western medicine and science considers it an interesting phenomenon, but largely a nuisance. It has to be accounted for in all clinical trials and it confounds data.

But this book asks us to take a step back. What is the one thing that has been proven to treat every known condition? The placebo. Dr. Dispenza shows the virtually limitless potential that this phenomenon has, but also how to actively use it as a primary tool to change our life for the better.

Some of the examples you will read about include a clinical trial where kids allergic to poison ivy were exposed to the plant and made to believe they were not allergic, and so didn’t show allergies. You will read about 80 year old subjects who convinced themselves they were 60 again and reversed chronic conditions like arthritis. There are fake knee surgeries that turned out better than real knee surgeries. These are all fully documented and referenced examples you will find in the text.

The key to harnessing the placebo effect is to anchor a belief in a specific reality with a heightened state of emotion. The emotional component makes it real to the body. This is where a lot of ‘affirmation’ and other processes fail, in that they don’t convince the body that what we are saying is real. The book goes through the detailed biological phenomenon that creates a placebo effect, and the role that is played by epigenetics and quantum physics. It can be slow reading at times, but there are very few texts that will prove more valuable than this one.

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