True Sex and Wild Love with Dr. Wednesday Martin & Whitney Miller - AMP #186

Best-selling author Dr. Wednesday Martin is on a mission to rewrite the textbooks on sexuality and relationship- by using real science. In her research, she has discovered (and shared in her award-winning book Untrue), that both men AND women struggle with the anthropologically modern concept of monogamy. She joins this AMP, along with relationship coach Whitney Miller, to set some records straight and expand minds with fascinating insights on the complexities of relationship, the true story of female libido, and just how big a clitoris actually is.


  • I am growing a young female driven non-monogamous community in Melbourne and this episode speaks to so many truths! So many women are so ready to explore and blossom the moment social sexuality is validated as an ethical approach to human relationships.

  • Curious how childbirth and the woman becoming a mother impacts the female lipido and the decline over the years.

  • On point!

    Chris Hancock

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