The World: “Daddy Can I Have More Money to Go Buy Some Icy Cweams.”

It really sunk in when I was sitting in the Prague airport. With wormwood toxins seizing at my muscles and a pounding headache from the 9 shots of absinthe the night before, I was staring at an indefinite flight delay. For hours I looked helplessly up at the screens, unable to rest or recline because the only surfaces not tile or metal were so densely fogged in cigarette smoke that I would asphyxiate in my sleep. Why was I stuck in this hellish condition? Because the fucking French decided to go on a strike and nobody was around to work air traffic control.

The reason for this strike is one of the most outrageous, mind-blowing facts of the 21st century. Young Parisian males were lighting shit on fire and workers shut the nation down because the government was raising the retirement age from 60 to 62; A move that was totally necessary to save their system from absolute BANKRUPTCY. Are you fucking kidding me? First of all, why these young lazy fucks even gave a shit about what was going to happen to them 30-40 years into the future is one absurdity. But beyond that, how entitled to hand-outs do you really have to be to strike over having to work at ages 60 and 61! Hell, Herschel Walker may be fighting Randy Couture at age 61.


These rioting, snail-sucking princesses already have a 35 hour work week, state provided benefits and more holidays than Holiday Inns along I-95. The little children (oui oui oui haw haw haw) already living off allowance money from their Daddy government, threw a temper tantrum because they may have to do their chores for a wittle bit longer. This is not to say that all people in France are in favor of the strikes (or suck snails), but when a whole nation gets shut down you have to figure that it is a fairly large segment of the population.

Sadly, the example set by the French is symptomatic of a growing worldwide malaise—A malaise that would have the great free market Libertarian, Milton Friedman, doing somersaults in his grave. Take an example from our country, arguably the most free-market capitalistic economy in the Western World:

Throughout the early middle of our past decade, banks and lenders started making extremely aggressive bets. And the bets were working. Derivatives, dangerous lending practices, and a slew of other unsound financial vehicles were juicing the system with fat cash, and the executives in charge were walking around with “knots so thick they couldn’t wear skinny jeans,” as Jay Z would say. And I’m fine with that. I sometimes make risky wagers too. But guess what, sometimes those aggressive bets lose. And lose they did at the end of the decade. But instead of standing up and taking what futures traders refer to as the “man’s ride”, they started whining to their Daddy. “Whoopsy, im sowwies Daddy, I made a boo-boo and lost all the monies. Can I have some trillions more so I can do it again?” And what did Daddy do? Gave them as much money as they asked for. Daddy didn’t care, because in the meantime, He was able to expand the nepotistic powers of beaurocracy by creating a multitude of ‘oversight’ positions. Just another excuse for beaurocracy to create more beaurocracy.

These may be the most blatant examples but this entitlement mentality has sadly become the norm. Some of the great thinkers of the past understood one of the main problems with democracy was that the populace would ultimately vote to raid the treasury and distribute the wealth until there was nothing left. This has happened all over the world, and it is happening here. People used to be tough. They used to understand that the benefits of the good life were not a birthright but a privelege to be earned with sweat and toil. From the pilgrims who sought refuge from religious persecution to the foreigners arriving in Ellis Island to claim their piece of the American dream, they were prepared to fight for their happiness.

In the great depression people had it real rough, but for the most part they just fucking took it on the chin and did the best they could. My grandma lived in the heart of the dustbowl (Des Moines, Iowa) and during the depression they scraped by working 16 hour days doing anything they could for a nickel. That’s half of a French work week in a day. Can you imagine now? We can’t even handle a mild recession without immediately putting the printing presses on overdrive and pushing the boulder of inflationary financial collapse farther up the hill.

Everyone understands that monopolies are inefficient, but somehow we’ve all become okay with socializing just about everything so we don’t have to pay for it. That way the innovators and the entrepreneurs can pay for it with THEIR tax money. What about the rest that gets wasted on the needless beaurocracy? Not our problem.

John Locke once had a vision of inalienable rights–Rights that promised every citizen the right to life, liberty, and PROPERTY. Let’s think about that. Does liberty mean that if we want to smoke a blunt in our bathtub that we should go to prison? Does life mean that if we decide to kill ourselves we are committing a criminal act? And does property mean that we should give up 40% of our hard earned money to support an inane beaurocracy whose only interest is self preservation and the generation of ineffective policy? Soon enough those sacred words will be all but forgotten, as we become more and more comfortable just being the little children who watch mind-numbing reality television, bitch when our mother asks us to take the trash out, and in the same whiny breath ask Daddy for more ice cream money so we can stuff our fat fucking faces.


*Much respect to the warriors, the freethinkers, the Professionals, the self-starters and the hustlers out there…in our nation, in France, and any other. You carry the mantle of humanity with you: never falter, and never waiver. If ever you feel overwhelmed by the ignorance around you, raise your banner high and brothers and sisters will rally to your side.


  • This is bureaucratic entropy at work. The only thing keeping us going is the value creation of our entrepreneurs is out pacing the wealth destruction of the current world governments. The real question is, but for how long?

  • Was waiting for a punchline. Did not find one. Was disappointed.

  • This is great! I am hearing from a real live person that would riot just like the French! I see now that all it takes is just ignoring most of the important facts, imagining the authority is aligned against you, and pretending that people are disrespecting the middle class. Oh, did I mention ignorance? You are partially right about one thing. People should be able to retire at 60. In fact they should be able to retire at 25 if they want. I mean Alexander the Great conquered the world at 25, that’s enough accomplished for one life. And more power to the 25 year old retiree. But does that mean that the government should just pay for them to live out the rest of their days in leisure? Maybe you think so. But what happens when, JUST AS IN THE CASE IN FRANCE, THERE IS NO FUCKING MONEY LEFT. Print more, you say? Sure, but then guess what happens. Massive inflation. Then guess what happens? There still isn’t enough money, and worse, the jobs start to fail. You think you are honoring the middle class by whining for them to have a bigger teat for them to suck off of? How about honoring the middle class by fighting for a healthy economy, low inflation and good conditions that will provide them jobs so they can work their asses off just like all the hard-working Americans that founded this country and continue to make it great.

    Perhaps the most hilariously unfounded statement is “The decline (of the middle class) is a direct result of Americans being sold the free market bullshit” — Really? I don’t even know what to say to that. Its like arguing the point that unicorns like lollipops made of shnozzberries not lingonberries. What? And what about the statement that wealthy corporations have squeezed the small business man to the point of extinction? Small business is one of the STRONGEST sectors in our economy, what are you even talking about? And what is your point about GE? I suppose that you want GE to be taxed like hell and the banks and mortgages to be bailed out. Pretty much it seems like you want everyone to be dead even. If you make money, tax the fuck out of it, and if you lose money, get paid by the government. That way everyone is even and we can all hold hands, sing songs and live a perfect life. “What’s that? They already tried that in Russia and other communist countries. And it failed? Poppycock!” Sorry mini Marx, that shit’s not gonna work… never has, never will.

    Thats all the time you get today friend, but just FYI I would be willing to bet your paycheck that I work more hours in any given 2 weeks than you do in a month. And by the way, I am small business, and I AM middle class, and I feel fucking honored that I still live in a country where I have the chance to work hard for my dreams and provide a legacy for my family, Zeus willing, for many generations to come.

  • Wow, lost a ton of respect for you here. You really think hard working people should not be allowed to retire at 60? How long should we pay into the capitalist system with our hard work and sweat?

    For the record the bulk of the wealth floating around the economy doesn’t come from “innovators”, it comes from the hard work of the labor force. Without a labor force to exploit you aren’t making shit. Without a labor force to buy you product you aren’t selling shit. I’m really surprised at the depth of free market stupidity contained within your latest post. Do some research. The concentration of wealth in the United States is likley the greatest problem our nation faces as we move into the future. Look at the decline of the middle class in this country over the past three decades. That decline is a direct result of Americans being sold the free market bullshit you’re preaching about.

    When you talk about the people who made an oopsie and want more money you are referring to Wallstreet and the mortage industry, right? Or maybe you mean GE who made something like 14 billion dollars last year and didn’t pay ANY federal income taxes?

    Working Americans should learn from the french. We don’t need to spend our life in indentured servitude to wealthy corporations who have squeezed the small businessman almost to the point of extinction. You really sound like someone who hasn’t done a days hard work in his life. Shame on you!

  • well said sir…


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