Spread the Light, Know the Dark, Shun the Grey

Star Wars had it partly right. “You will be tempted by the dark side,” says the Jedi master to the initiate. Except they forgot to tell him why; Dirty, filthy sex with thousands of slave girls from every distant planet of course. Two opposing forces… equally seductive and locked in a mortal struggle. Creation vs. Destruction. Light vs. Dark. Good vs. Evil? That is where things aren’t so black and white. While obviously much of the evil committed is rooted in imbalances of dark energy impulses, the dark energy itself is not evil. The simplified distinction can be made: dark energy is the animal, light energy is the spiritual. And just as there must be dark for there to be light, there must be the mundane for there to be the sublime.

The dark energy has its home in the physical world. It is inexorably linked with the instincts that have caused us to evolve into the king of the primates. For the male it is the urge to dominate one’s rivals and procreate with the greatest number of sexually healthy (determined by beauty) females possible. For the female the pure dark energy lies in finding the alpha male, outfoxing her rivals, and relishing in the penetrative submission which the primal brain has linked to bearing a strong and healthy child. There is also a protective ferocity ingrained in the female that is part of the animal energy, it is the lioness defending her cubs to the death.

The tutor of the dark energy is pleasure. It feels good to fuck. It feels good to eat. It feels good to dominate. It feels good to defeat one’s rivals. And it feels good to get intoxicated. And this is one of the problems with the dark energy. If you yield to it without balance you will find yourself on an endless quest for pleasure, trying to cram as much of it into every orifice possible. I have known those who literally live to fill every hole in their body with pleasure--Their eyes craving the dazzling lights and luxury of the nightclub. Their noses craving the Colombian white powder. Their mouths craving rich, indulgent foods. Their ears craving deep and heavy music. Their ass, pussy, and cocks craving penetration, ejaculation, and domination…

The tutor of the light energy is the soul--It is the infinite. It is the source from whence we came and where we will return. Its call is quiet, subtle. We have a deep inner craving, but it has no home in our organs. It comes when we gaze at the stars, drift to sleep in the arms of a loved one, behold the awe of creation. It fills us up with abundance, peace, and inspiration.

But does that make the light energy ‘good’ while the dark energy is ‘bad’? It does not. Each energy is devoid of the moral connotation of ‘good’ or ‘evil’, it is what you do with that energy, or how its impulses have been twisted that determines a good act or an evil act. If we were meant to experience only one of those forces, we would not be beings that were a part of two worlds. That is where the ascetics and the hedonists have it wrong. The key to maximizing our lives is to find balance.

Any who aspire to be a warrior poet (rangers who affect change by knowledge of both forces) should push themselves to experience both sides of Zarathustra’s coin. Our warrior poet ancestors understood this. Some of the most balanced and spiritual humans to ever walk the Earth had the fiercest war cry. The Cherokees, the druidic Celts, the Samurai, even the immaculately imagined N’avi people of James Cameron’s Avatar knew how to tap the dark side even as they walked in the light. But there are inherent dangers with the dark energy. It’s potential for addiction makes it a dangerous language to dabble in if one does not have discipline and a strong moral compass. There can also be an impulse to destruction... Part of the desire to obliterate a well made sand castle, or take a bat to a shop of delicately blown glass or a well made mail box. These impulses must be carefully checked. Nonetheless, as I have mentioned, both forces are part of our birthright as humans. To not seek both the light and the dark is to condemn yourself to walk in the shadowy grey, and surrender to the true enemy of the warrior poet. Numbness.

The Energies Unmasked

To know the dark energy is to stand above the thundering speakers of a nightclub, alcohol coursing through your veins, half naked bodies gyrating beneath you in a lather of sweat and lust, hungry wolves at your side eager to crush any who challenge the pack. You roar into the bass-filled blackness, mouth curled in a fang borne snarl and drink the dark energy in greedy, thirsty gulps. It is a feeling of invincibility, a feeling of being alive that is hard to describe for those who have never tasted it pure. It is Chuck Liddell when he knocks someone out in the ring, it is Lebron James when he dunks on someone in a home playoff game, it is Ray Lewis when he meets a running back in the A-gap and causes a fumble… It is a woman’s rage in defending her loved ones. You see it in their face, in their roar. It is what the free gladiators fought for. To know the light is to sit in meditation on a sacred mountain and feel one’s spirit dance with the ecstasy of creation… To hear the quiet evening air whispering through the leaves of the trees, already turning purple in the crimson twilight of dusk. To feel your spirit swirl upwards in the fragrant smoke of burning sage as melodic drums of your ancestors set a heartbeat song. To gaze down at your physical being lying peacefully on a blanketed clay adobo and understand first hand that our flesh is a miraculous but transient tool, perfectly designed to navigate the earthly plane.

Both forces when pure are indescribably rich. They are moist with latent power, dangling in the aether out of reach, ever calling our name. The dark energy is irresistibly seductive. Its lure is syrupy sweet, like smoky molasses. It tantalizes us with sexual fantasies that shock us with their vulgarity, and quench our blood lust for dominance. I have known many people who are at the mercy of the dark energy. Junkies, fiending for more of the syrup… But one problem always remains. Dark energy cannot create and sustain, and if you are not careful as quickly as it comes it will leave you empty and wide-eyed, begging like a sick dog for a bigger spoon-full.

Seeking the light energy is quite the opposite. Its call is a whisper, and when answered it fills you like a breath of fresh air in a wooded pine. It builds bridges to your higher self, and peels away the armor caked on your chakras to protect your inner being.

Are there advantages to seeking the light over the dark? Certainly. The light energy is sustainable, regardless of age, physical health, personal power, and carries little risk of addiction or imbalance. The world is filled with dark energy, and the machine in place is designed to feed those greedy impulses at every turn. It is the light energy that is needed to bring the world back into balance and this is why the warrior poet must also be a warrior of the light. This said, it is also important to at least understand the dark energy, not only to experience part of our birthright as humans, but also to handle it if you should run into it or desire to call on it. You cannot heal something for which you do not understand. This is why the best drug abuse councilors are former drug abusers. The most important thing to remember is that the energy itself is not good or evil… It is what you do with it that determines its moral connotation. A true warrior poet can harness both of these forces, but has the discipline never to indulge to another's detriment. The following section has a few battle tested personal tips for how anyone can access both forms of energy.

How to Access The Energies On Your Own. A Practical Guide

Meditation – Accessing the Dark, Then The Light

Go to your sacred space, wherever that may be, and do what you need to do to clear your mind. Preferably burn some sage or some incense and settle in. Focus on your breath, calm the extraneous thoughts and when you are at peace begin first the mantra to access the dark side. “Give me strength.” Say it first in a low growl. Then build it in intensity, quickening your breath and feel the power start to surge through your body. “Give me strength.” “GIVE ME STRENGTH.” Breathe faster now, shallower, feel the tears well in your eyes “GIVE ME STRENGTH” and snarl toward the sky, menacing as the master of your dominion.

Calm your emotions, return to cross legged meditation and breathe 7 deep, slow breaths…In through your nose and out through your mouth. Begin your mantra… “Show me the light” – Imagine yourself basked in warm bright golden light, raining down on you from the heavens, and anointing you with the joy of creation. Repeat this again, and again. “Show me the light.” “Show me the light.” Soon you will feel an angelic warmth bathe over you, and then allow yourself a quiet smile in the awe and majesty of the force of creation.

The Blood-Rage workout – Accessing the Dark

This is perhaps the most useful way to access the dark energy. For me, I prefer to put on a playlist that contains a soundtrack from my most inspiring epic movies. Last of the Mohicans, Braveheart, The Last Samurai, Troy, 300… This sets the mood for without interrupting my consciousness with lyrics. You will want to pick an exercise that allows you to ramp up in intensity, and preferably one that uses your whole body. I have accessed the dark energy best while doing kettlebell workouts, snatches, and working the heavy bag.

Start the workout… 1st rep. Think about those you love. Your loved one, your children, the girl you love from afar. Think of them in danger. 2nd rep. Imagine their attackers, what do they look like? How many are there? 3rd rep. What are they carring, weapons? Their bare hands? 4th rep. What will they do to those you love if you don’t stop them? Will they hit them. Will they kill them? Will they rape them? Worse? 5th rep. They cannot get past you. You are a demon. You are a God. 6th rep. You will die before they can stop you. But you will not die. You will fight. 7th rep. Fight! 8th rep Fight! 9-reps to exhaustion battle until all of your enemies have been slain. You have no attackers left… Just the remnants of the rage. Will there be a second wave? Will you be called to defend them again? The choice is yours…

Energy Medicine—Accessing the Light

I believe certain plants were manifested here on the earth to give human beings a shortcut to the heart of creation, to the infinite source of all light. Unfortunately in our country, many of these plants have been made illegal and this is one of the reasons why as a society we are sick, and overwhelmed by the dark energy. Our lifestyles have cut us off from daily connection to the light through nature, and the only way to find our way home can end up landing you in a cage if you are not careful. Energy medicine is like a burning magnesium flare in a world of shadows. It lights up the trees in the forest and shows the demons to be possums so that we can find our path in peace.

There are several guidelines to seeking the light with energy medicine. The first is to find a shaman if possible, or an experienced traveler/sitter to journey with. Secondly, like any vehicle, you need to give it direction or else you will wander aimlessly in the void. This is called setting your intent. Consciously choose what you want to get out of the situation, write it down or speak it out-loud, and trust that the medicine will take you there. Third, make sure you have the proper setting. Outdoor, indoor, it doesn’t matter, but you should always create sacred space before traversing the dimensions outside of time. Lastly, wherever the medicine takes you, remember the mantra “witness and allow” – Sometimes the path to light will take you through some very scary places, but if you fight it, panic, and try to grab the wheel once the vehicle is in motion, you are likely to turn it around in circles and get stuck. Once your intent is set, you are on autopilot and need to be a passive traveler on the journey.

A few important Caveats about energy medicine

1. I don’t personally consider anything that did not grow on the earth, or come from a totally natural source to be ‘medicine’. This is not to say that experiences with synthetics cannot be ‘medicinal’ but be careful.

2. Don’t intentionally seek the dark side on energy medicine. It is not what it is designed for. The physical realm is the home of dark energy, find it there, and not in the realms beyond, because you will come up empty and leave yourself open to themes you do not want to carry with you.

3. Be mindful of the laws of your country, and be safe.


  • Yoga could be considered a form of mediation. I wouldn’t think it would be dark because the intent of it is not to dominate anyone else; it’s not competitive. The intent is to keep a healthy body while connecting yourself to the spiritual world.

    Anyway, great article. I’ve struggled to define this balance within myself for years. I’m an MMA fighter but also an avid psychonaut and seeker in many other ways. I think psychedelics are what helped free me from this pursuit of dark energy that dominates our world. Many of my trips had a theme of balance. Your post really helped put into words what I’ve been thinking in my head for a long time. Thank you!

  • representing the physical and spirital with dark and light dosent make sense to me cause that implies that they cant mix, but if you do yoga both sides are stimulated.

  • Well, I loved your blog.. However I have to disagree with some points.
    First of all, sex can be spiritual.. :) When it is seen as play of the energies – feminine and masculine; yin and yang; (or call it however you want) – it might just blow you away to another level of consciousness. But, of course, it is impossible without the emotional relationship between partners and other factors..

    anyway.. IMHO the most important thing is the intention – if your action are driven by the dark energy, so no matter you’re doing, it will just lead to temporary physical pleasure.. and if you were inspired by the light, so no matter what you are doing -cleaning, cooking, talking, writing etc. – it is going to appear as an act of love :)

    anyway.. IMHO the most important thing is the intention – if your action are driven by the dark energy, so no matter you’re doing, it will just lead to temporary physical pleasure.. and if you were inspired by the light, so no matter what you are doing -cleaning, cooking, talking, writing etc. – it is going to appear as an act of love :)Thanks for writing.

  • The artist’s name is Dan Witz. Here is a profile on him http://www.addictgalerie.com/lng_EN_srub_20_idc_1-Dan-Witz.html — Thanks for reading

  • The "Dark side’ energy is depicted with a mass orgy, probably collected and photoshopped pics, but my point here: How can I get a clean copy of this shot? Can you direct me to where it may be?
    I’d love to copy it.



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