Purification and Presence with Jay Shetty - AMP #165

Media sensation Jay Shetty detoured from a career in business to pursue a path of service as a monk. After three years in robes, he made it his mission to share his discoveries on the largest scale possible. We discuss many of them in this episode, as we ping pong our revelations and practices for cultivating balance, emotional awareness, and healthier communication.


  • Thank you for this amazing message.. I was blown away.. not just by Jay but by you as well Aubrey..Again Thank you

    Paula Sorrentino
  • Gold 🌟

  • Ty ty ty.
    This is my 3rd pod cast of your, that I am seeing your perspective and service in awareness. Is helping my evolve my story. Bone and horn…lol my grandmother called me the goat of a thousand horns. Ty🙏


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