Purification and Presence with Jay Shetty - AMP #165

Media sensation Jay Shetty detoured from a career in business to pursue a path of service as a monk. After three years in robes, he made it his mission to share his discoveries on the largest scale possible. We discuss many of them in this episode, as we ping pong our revelations and practices for cultivating balance, emotional awareness, and healthier communication.


  • Please take me off my Facebook

    Bob Howard
  • I enjoy all the pod casts you aired and I believe I get more motivated every day thank you So very very much.

    Cynthia A Roberts
  • Your words move me!!

    Brandon Hampton
  • Aubrey great stuff. Love your vibe and where your head is at. Love Jay Shetty too. Looking forward to following more of your podcasts.

  • Do you deal with anxiety? My son suffers from it fir some reason won’t take medication and he’s limits himself from doing things


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