Party With Your Third Eye Open

Party With Your Third Eye Open

“Nothing good happens after 4AM”. That’s a total lie. Post 4am has the potential for epic dark-energy indulgence, tender moments only possible when the ego’s defenses have been obliterated, and a special camaraderie amongst soldiers who have shared a mutual battle. Some of my most valuable and lasting relationships can recount early stories from the pre-dawn night. The reason people make that fallacious rule of thumb is that they lack the discipline or the intent to do what they should be doing all along: Party with their third-eye open.

Now some of you may think that the third eye is just some spiritual blather that people in yoga class like to talk about when sipping a yerba mate. So call it something else if you like. Call it your intent, call it your warrior’s awareness, call it being in tune with the signals of the universe. Its all the same thing. As paradoxical as it may be, there is perhaps no more important time to tap into this innate ability than when you are partying. For one, the stakes are raised when the intoxicants start to weave their enticing web. The possible outcomes of a night of intoxication and debauchery include significantly increased chances of injury, DUI, assault charges, bad sexual choices... and sometimes game over. By the time we are thirty we all know several peers who have died on a night that begin with few drinks. It is for this reason that some people don’t party at all. And while I certainly respect that decision for organ health reasons, I truly believe that an occasional taste from Bacchus’s cup is part of a warrior poet’s path to a life fully lived. The second reason to party with your third eye open is quite simple. Its more fucking fun. You have a much greater chance of meeting new friends, having romantic encounters, actually relieving stress, and making some great memories. The kind of memories you don’t have to be reminded about!

So the question becomes, how to obliterate the bastions of inhibition while still maintaining a heightened awareness. If you have any training in opening your third eye, or heightening awareness, then don’t neglect that practice on your party nights. If you don’t have that practice then just be aware. Indulgence and excess is like battle. Go to it with your instincts keen and your senses alert, even as they become numbed. Just because a flash bang grenade goes off next to a soldier does it mean he gives up entirely? No chance! He may not be able to see as good, or hear as well, but his instincts to survive and thrive are just as strong. So with that sentiment, here is a practical guide with some related tips to maximize fun and minimize downside.

1. Set your intent.

What do you want from the night ahead? To laugh and hang with your crew, to dance, to meet new people... To fuck? Think earnestly on this and set your intent. But once you set it let it go. Not everything is 100% in your control. Be keen to what is happening around you and be like water (flowing around obstacles), and not rock (bashing your head against them). This brings us to the next point...

2. Be flexible.

The best way to guarantee you have NO CHANCE to circumvent the pitfalls of partying is to be stubbornly committed to an idea of what the night is supposed to be. I don’t care if its your 21st birthday, or your cat’s Bar-Mitzvah; A party is still a party, and if the energy is whack, or the situation turns sour, pull the rip chord, Goose! There will be another chance, another party, and another opportunity. The same thing applies to the converse situation. Some nights when you intend to just go out to have a couple beers can turn into an epic adventure that you will tell stories about, or put in your spank bank for years to come.

3. Surf when surf’s up.

Consider yourself like a surfer. First play your part to build up the waves at the start of the night. Spread confidence, love, intensity, passion, humor, and see how receptive the waters are. Is your effect contagious? Are people compounding and feeding the waves or surviving off of your efforts alone? If its the latter, perhaps its just not in the cards for the night. Or maybe you need some new friends who aren’t wounded, bitter, or out to drain your life-force. At the point that the sets start rollin in and you have a pipeline break on a double-overhead, paddle hard and shred that shit. But as with the ocean there will come a point when you are either too exhausted to surf or the waves die down. It’s not hard to tell. Either there is a palpable lull in intensity, or like the Thriller video, the zombies & fiends come out. At this juncture you have two options. You can either take the people who are still surfing strong and relocate, or you can bail. But under no circumstances should you keep paddling when the waves are dead. If you do, it probably means that you are the fiend or the zombie. Which brings me to my fourth tip.

4. Avoid the Zombies, Fiends and Powderkegs.

Zombies are real, my friends, and they do try to eat your brain...attacking at the ear-hole. The zombie will repeat the same story, idea, or sentiment over & over until it doesn’t matter how much Alpha Brain you take, your brain is melted. They will often relentlessly follow you wherever you go. They may seem friendly... There is the “I love you man” zombie. There is the “Remember when” zombie. There is the insecure “I own/promote this club/event, you should come by” zombie. They are insatiable. Do not try to fix them, just let them eat the brain of somone else, or get the fuck out of there.

The fiends on the other hand become solely fixated on whatever got them fucked up in the first place, and nothing else matters. You could tell the fiend that down the street the Victoria’s Secret models are having an orgy with the Cirque de Soleil and everyone gets to take home a miniature giraffe as a pet just for watching and they don’t give a shit. If someone has their supply, they will either stay, or drive however long it takes them to find it. That energy stomps the good out of the night. And the powderkegs are those unstable individuals that should come with a warning. “WARNING: Do not mix with alcohol. Emotions are subject to explode.” But if you do find yourself in the vicinity when a powderkeg goes off... Make sure you heed lesson five.

5. When the monkey grabs a handful of shit, don’t press your face up against the cage.

You ever been to the zoo at the monkey cage? A monkey will literally grab a handful of shit and instead of taking cover, tourists will crowd around. “How Curious!” they say. And then they get Jackson Pollacked with a handful of monkey shit. Unless you can move swiftly and authoritatively to diffuse a potentially bad situation G.T.F.O. If you see some strangers about to get in a fist fight expect that they will come crashing into you or your girl. Expect that a bottle may go flying. Expect that shit to happen, and most likely it won’t. It is when you don’t expect it that it will. And NEVER under any circumstance intervene in the arguments between strangers or casual acquaintances. If you saw two pitbulls fighting would you stick your arm in between them? Fuck no. You’ll get bit by both dogs. If two dudes what to fight and its a fair fight, by all means, let them exercise their inner silverback. If two chicks want to fight, by all means let the harpies give each-other hell. If you see 4 guys stomping one dude in a street, that’s a different story. Call for help, yell “Cops are COMING”, grab a weapon if you are by yourself, or rally buddies and don’t let a person get beat to death. The world needs knights, not cowards.

Now if it is your buddy who is getting in a fight, that becomes a trickier issue. First and foremost assess whether the person he/she is going to fight truly deserves to get beat up. Did he hurt an innocent person? Did he grab your buddy’s girlfriend in the vagina? Short of those two things, you both should probably let it slide. If it falls in the unforgivable category, then your first move is to assess the likelihood of weapons. Second, assess how many people you are against-- Nobody needs to be a martyr or a hero. Third, assess the response time of police. If those factors line up in your favor, act quickly and decisively. Let your offended friend take on the primary offender, and you make damn sure no one intervenes. If they do, you strike before they can. Then, go. The time to recap events is over a cold beer at home, not to the cops. In all my nights going out there has only been one situation that deserved violence and received it. Usually, its a better bet to diffuse.

6. Know thy limits and thy weaknesses.

This is the final and most important tip. At a certain point of intoxication your third eye is simply going to shut. That point of obliteration is never fun, and with the third eye shut you are like a blind man trying to jerk off to a playboy. You are missing the point. Then of course there is the puking, humiliation, or possibly the terrible hangover that destroys what inevitably will be a beautiful sunny day. Know what you can and cannot handle and stick to it ruthlessly. That 3rd round of grape vodka and whateverthefuck shots that go flying around at 2AM? If you have to cheers for morale then do it, and dump that shit on the floor. If not, just look em in the eye and say, “I’m good”. And if you are one of those with an addictive personality and a proclivity to make justifications, don’t dance with the Devil. Be realistic with yourself. If one whiskey leads to ten whiskeys, don’t drink whiskey. The same logic applies to other things, including a species of highly refined South American plant alkaloid that is popular in Miami and LA. While I enjoyed the tea when in Peru, I personally detest the concentrate on practical, observational grounds, largely because I hear the same nonsense. From what I have observed, “I’ll just have one bump” is like a guy telling a girl “lets just put the tip in and see how it feels.” Lying is not an attractive trait, but lying to yourself is just silly, and being saddled to any horse, especially the white horse, undermines one's ability to be free and flexible: two crucial partying principles.

The above tips are just a practical foundation upon which you can apply your third eye instincts. With practice you will be able to hone your ability to a dependable science. People will start to realize that the only time you are around are the best parties, and you will become part of a self-fulfilling prophecy. “If xxxxxx is here, its definitely gonna be a good night!” And while some mishaps are unavoidable--a predestined turn of Fortune’s cosmic wheel perhaps-- with strong intent and a keen awareness much of the perils and unnecessary hangovers can be circumvented. So drink, indulge, live, fuck... But do it with your third eye open.



  • Nice post, I agree. I like the visuals of being water and flowing around situations instead of being the rock. Growing up is strange – we all don’t do it at once, I feel as though some of my friends should read this post.

    Off topic but… you’ve inspired me to do the whole Peru thing. It sounds great and it was refreshing to hear that you went with your Mom. Thanks.

  • Your such a great writer!! -Steph

  • Great Blog post. I feel like this found me at just the right time. One other suggestion that I would have for people would be to not party, if your life’s direction has not been discovered yet. If something in your life is making you uncomfortable and this is leading to some kind of existential angst, it’s probably best to figure your shit out before trying to walk the tightrope of paryting with your third eye. If you haven’t figured your shit out, chances are you could become a powderkeg and/or get off track.

  • “There are” many different ways not “their”. Stupid blackberry Typo. ha ha


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