LOVE: Practice Makes the Master

Join us for a dive deep into an experiential 3-day retreat with a focus on improving the quality of relationships in your life, so you can experience more love, connection, intimacy, and freedom.

Included in the retreat: coaching on love and relationship challenges, breath work and guided meditation, onsite yoga, experiential processes to open your heart, all while connecting to a tribe of like-minded people. Get up close and personal with Aubrey and Christine during this hands-on weekend!

Weekend Highlights:

Day 1: Self-love

  • Meditation
  • Setting Intentions
  • Discuss relationship with ourselves
  • Catered dinner
  • Guided Breathwork

Day 2: Romantic Relationships

  • Onsite Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Aubrey + Christine discuss romantic relations
  • Group work
  • Catered Lunch
  • Feminine Energy vs. Masculine Energy
  • Group Coaching with Aubrey + Christine

Day 3: Relationship with Community

  • Ecstatic Dance led by Aubrey Marcus
  • Group work
  • Onnit Tour
  • Catered Lunch
  • Mission + Purpose led by Aubrey
  • In depth Q&A


411 West Monroe Street
Austin, TX 78704

How to Attend:

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  • Hello,
    Will there be any way for people in the UK to access this? or a shorter version in a webinar/podcast maybe?

    Lisa Astle
  • Aubrey, I really really need this. You’ve been a source of inspiration to me and provided so much. I’ve gone through so many struggles and hardships. This retreat is something I’ve been desiring for a long time. I’m a poor college student, I really don’t have the money. PLEASE IF THERE’S ANYTHING YOU COULD DO TO HELP ME.

    Abdul Delati
  • What are the suggested hotels in this area if I attend the weekend seminar and what time on Friday does it start?

    Heidi Duchow
  • Am I ready for a retreat like list due to issues with a x-business partner, my son and a person in Aubrey’s close circle of friends? I don’t want to remotely consider this because someone told me to stay away from the people at Onnit (his friends). Any suggestions are welcome.

    Thank you,

    Teresa Baker
  • Thanks for all the amazing guidance and positivity, it would be great to see you in the UK sometime. Our son Aubrey is 2 weeks old today!

    James Wild

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