Knowing the Self

By Aubrey Marcus February 14, 2017

“When you go searching for yourself, all you are going to find is someone who is searching for their self.” -Mehcad Brooks

People in self help and new age circles spend a lot of time searching for themselves. But has anyone stopped to think how preposterous this is? How does one search for oneself? Where did we go? And more importantly, what are we looking for?

The ego of course has an answer: You are your identity--Your job, your history, your relationships, your status, your appearance, your reputation. The ego will defend this identity as fiercely as an animal defends it’s own flesh. But at a certain point we realize that our identity is not us. The ego is delusional as usual. Which is why we go searching for the real ‘us’.

However all we are going to do when we go searching for the real us, is swap out the old identity with a new one. We replace the identity of the person looking for social approval, with the person who is trying not to care about social approval. But as long as we are locked in the framework of identity, we are a dog chasing it’s tail.

There is no ‘self’ in a fixed state. We are always changing. Much like the observer effect in quantum physics, as soon as we go looking for the self, the self changes. While the body may be solid state matter, the psyche is quantum. We are multiple possibilities expressed simultaneously. So we are asking a question (Who am I?) that has no answer, since the very act of asking the question changes the answer. Searching for the self is as pointless as the sun going on a hunt for shadows.

Who cares who we are. Only the ego desires to play those identity games. The identity can survive only in the past, and future. Our self is only truly alive in the present moment.

We are life. We are love. We are a force embodied in a human avatar. We are the wind that moves the tall grass. We are a player in a game called polarity and our current level is Earth. So let’s play! Once we surrender to that fact, we can all take a deep breath.

So instead of worrying about who we are, here is something worthy of our efforts: If we are a force, then what effect do we want our force to have? This is our mission in life, and our mission will give us the stability and foundation we were seeking from our search for identity.

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