• We are suppliers of quality Iboga Rootbarks from West Africa precisely from GABON, CONGO and CAMEROON.
    These Iboga Rootbarks are harvested from old Iboga shrubs of age about 7 to 10 years.
    The Iboga rootbarks are well harvested, sunned under good enviromental temperature.
    With little or no inner roots in these quality Iboga rootbarks. We also give out
    bonuses to clients who can purchase from 5kilograms and above. That is for every 5kilograms bought,
    we give a bonus of 500grams. Which implies if you can purchase 10kilograms you have a bonus of 1kilogram free.
    For more information regarding our prices and shipment details please contact us via this email address:

  • Hey man. I heard you on the Rogan podcast and I was so fascinated with your experiences on psychedelics. I’ve been a spiritual seeker of truth my entire life. Was raised religious but quickly analyzed my way out and have been on my own path since.

    I’ve always been interested in psychedelics but been scared of them. This fear was further amplified when I had a TERRIBLE experience with weed. I basically had a 5 hour panic attack after about the 4th time smoking, drove myself to the hospital, and felt like I had gone crazy.

    Sounds dumb but it was real to me and made me scared of anything that could be mind altering going forward. Basically it gave me a phobia.

    But at the same time I desperately want to ‘crack’ this life and get answers. It’s been something I think about non stop since around age 16. After listening to Rogan rants on a regular basis (plus your experiences) I feel like it may be time to give something a go.

    I was thinking about trying out a small dose of mushrooms to start. I know someone that actually extracted DMT himself so that may be an option in the future as well. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about my situation.

  • Unfortunately not! Will remedy when I locate an expert indigenous healer. As eager to know its wisdom as I am to share it.

  • I’m curious, any knowledge, interest, or experience with San Pedro?

  • I’d love if you read the ibogaine experience of a 23 year old young-man. http://eboka.info/index.php?topic=1437.msg12344#msg12344


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