Drugs, Religion, and Life with Joey Diaz - AMP #16

Drugs, Religion, and Life with Joey Diaz - AMP #16

In this epic podcast with Joey Diaz we talk about drugs; the good ones, and the bad ones. We talk about religion & spirituality, the good parts and the bad parts. And lastly we talk about life, the good parts and the better parts because its a beautiful fucking day to be alive!


  • Aubrey….love the podcast. Can’t believe I had not noticed this episode. Making up for it now.
    One question though… I normally agree with nearly everything you say. But, when you say death is not the end…it’s a transition….and that’s not an opinion…it’s a fact.
    I just….can’t buy that. I have my own ideas about death. How consciousness is one unified self that chose to know itself by dividing itself infinitely into every single being that ever was, is and will be. And when we die, we are subsumed back into that.
    But…..I could never claim to know that as a fact. How could I?
    I just wonder how you could be that confident? Even if I had a near death experience or a profound mystical psychedelic experience(which I have) I still wouldn’t be able to say I know death is not the end…for a fact. I could never say that. I might be very confident. And I certainly no longer fear death. But…honestly, I must admit…it COULD be the case that I’m wrong and at death…all you are…decays. Your consciousness decays as your brain decays. I’m not saying that’s a fact either…but I could never claim to know for sure either way.
    Sorry…don’t mean to harp on this so much. I’m honestly only asking because I’m legitimately curious why you’re 100% confident that death is not the end? I just cannot imagine any experience(no matter what) that could bring me to 100%. 95% mayyyybe. But never full certainty. But, if you know something I don’t…tell me! I’m honestly interested to know what lead you to that conclusion.
    Thanks man!


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