• Aubrey how much was the cost of your Huachuma retreat? just curious…Cost will not prevent me from going but rather determine when it will be possible.

  • I am also here to say thank you for sharing your journey with the world. We are the change.

  • Powerful

    Roland Don Parker
  • Thank you for sharing your experiences!

    Stephanie Blair Holbrook
  • Man, you have a very special gift for describing these indescribable experiences. What an amazing adventure. From the heights of ecstacy to the lows of self doubt and the redemption to fearlessness. You captured the human struggle to know our divinity so well.

    On page 15 I liked: "When I touched them, white lights turned on in their heads. And when they touched someone, white lights turned on in their heads respectively.

    When I heard you on Rogan describe your experience, it turned the white light in my head back on and reminded me of the choice I made as a 16 year old, to be a warrior. I am taking actions every week to bring my Iboga visions to fruition and inspired to turn on more white lights in the people around me. My definition of success has changed markedly over the last 6 months.

    On page 20 I liked: “Only when you are fearless can you make the consistently impeccable choice to follow a path with heart.”

    The big fear I carry is for my children’s future. Being a dad is an empowering and nerve-racking experience. Slowly I am understanding it’s better to nourish the soul than fear for the safety of the flesh. What age are we really anyway?

    I am gearing up mentally for a trip to Arizona for a meeting with Peyote sometime this summer. Unlike Iboga where my questions focused on beating the alchemy of evil (conflict) and safe places to be in the coming years (avoidance), my next journey will focus solely on the nature of the creative force of love and how to best spread it.

    When I meet cool people I tell them about your site. Cheers.

    Ben Peterson

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